Tips for Transitioning into Winter


Experiment with color and pattern to spruce up your winter look.

Hamilton has begun to see signs of snow this week, much to everyone’s dismay. Here are some tips to conquer this winter.

1. Always Have a Moisturizer and Lip Balm

Take care of your skin during the winter season. The harsh winds and below forty degree temperatures can cause dry skin and flaking, especially around facial areas like the nose, forehead and lips. Your hands and other exposed areas of skin are vulnerable during the winter as well, so be mindful and moisturize! Use a hydrating lotion or a lip balm, preferably one with shea or cocoa butter and an oil such as almond, olive or argan. These ingredients nourish the skin and help keep moisture in. If your lips or skin ever reach a point where a moisturizer or lip balm isn’t helping, try exfoliating first and then applying your products. 

2. Update your Accessories 

Prepare your scarves, fuzzy hats, gloves, faux-fur vests and earmuffs for the winter season. If you feel that you are lacking in winter accessories, start stocking up. Now is when sales begin to emerge; Black Friday, for instance, is right around the corner. Take advantage of deals you find and make sure you not only look stylish, but feel warm.  

3. Have Fun with Socks and Tights 

Keep warm by wearing long, knit socks in your dorm or with your favorite pair of boots. Not only are they warm, but wearing fun color or neutral toned socks adds a new element to play around with in your winter wardrobe. Also you don’t have to completely avoid skirts or dresses throughout the season. Wear tights or long socks to keep warm and look on point. You can even layer long socks over tights to not only add warmth, but also make your outfit more interesting. 

4. Statement Coat and Sweaters

Winter wardrobes can end up becoming a tad bit plain and boring when you wear the same black or gray Patagonia, Canada Goose or North Face coat everyday. Switch it up! Experiment with the color, shape, length or texture of your winter coat. Same goes for sweaters and cardigans. Don’t let the gloomy winter season kill your style inspiration. 

5. Bring out the Boots

There is so much great footwear available for the winter season. For example, Converse launched boots that look like Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers and are both comfortable and protective. There are many different types of boots available during this season that are catered towards an individual’s style preferences and needs. Learn to distinguish between a boot made solely for style purposes from a boot made to withstand specific climate conditions from one made for both. Lace-up boots are best if you have small calves and want to avoid a boot looking too bulky.

6. Thermals and Layering

Thermal wear is practical to wear under clothing because it adds an extra layer to keep you warm, especially during those days with sharp winds and freezing weather. Invest in a couple sets of thermal wear; you will definitely thank yourself later. Actually, you don’t have to stop using your warm weather clothes during the winter time. Just know how to layer them, so they become suitable for the cold weather. For example, you can wear a sweater or cardigan over one of your thinner long sleeve shirts or button-ups. Make a crop sweater wearable during the cold weather by pairing it with a button up, or layer loose tops over each other. Don’t be afraid to layer more than you usually do!

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