What’s Left: Alt-Right Posters Assert It Is Alright to Be White

Fabrizio Herrera, Maroon-News Staff

No one ever said white isn’t right

Posters hung up all around college campuses with the phrase “It’s okay to be white” began to appear after Halloween night. This movement originated on the website “4chan” with the purpose of turning “normies” (the term white supremacists use for white people) into supporters of the far-right movement. The 4chan movement hoped to present the Left and the media as hateful of white people, based on the expected news coverage the posters would receive. By creating an image of hatred, this movement hoped to anger white people who feel “discriminated” against by the media. It is important to consider that most supporters of the far-right tend to be extreme nationalists or white supremacists. 

 First of all, the poster’s phrase posits that it is okay to be white – as if anyone ever said otherwise. This “movement,” therefore, is nothing but an inflammatory statement. There is no truth to this movement, and its only purpose is to manipulate the racial divide that has been felt throughout America. Instead of trying to solve supposed sufferings through partisan dialogue, these groups incite the masses with controversy. The reality is that the far-right uses the “discrimination” against them as a justification for their bigotry. The media and Democrats do not hate white people; they hate movements that incite bigotry. The basis of this movement is that all white people are discriminated by the media, but this is simply false. 

The far-right fails to see that there is a difference between white people and white supremacists. Not everyone who is white believes that white people are inherently superior to every other race. The media and the Left “hating” on white supremacists is perfectly fine. No one should support them or even consider their movement to be valid. White supremacy is a cancer that is spreading throughout the United States, and one way or another, this cancer must be eradicated. The media and the Left are simply doing their jobs. They are going out of their way to expose fraudulent movements for what they are. This nation does not need more supporters of the far-right. The far-right has already shown us what their protests look like in Charlottesville, Virginia. One violent protest was more than enough. 

The far-right has recieved an increased amount of attention within the last year. This can be attributed to perhaps the greatest supporter of white people, Donald Trump. Our current president’s xenophobic campaign messages affirmed the beliefs of white supremacists. Through his actions, Trump justified the far-right’s beliefs and gave them a voice. With Trump as president, the supremacists have become empowered. They no longer feel the need to wear their hoods. Yet the Left and the media will not tolerate this. 

To equivocate the plight of these white supremacists with all white people is ridiculous. These people are hated for a reason. They argue that white people are superior and that this nation should remain white. White supremacists should be a thing of the past, not the future. People should not tolerate them or listen to these idiotic messages. I’ll take it one step further; if you see one of these posters around Colgate’s campus, do us all a favor and tear it down. The far-right has no place in this nation, nor on this campus. 

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