Mix It Up: Party Outfit Inspiration


Be Bold and Mix It Up!

We have all returned from a much-needed break and midterms are coming to an end. This means that the party scene at Colgate is more active and vibrant than ever. Plus, with Halloween coming up later this month, the energy on campus is high. However, with so many parties and festive events coming up we all tend to encounter the common dilemma of not knowing what to wear. If you feel like you’re in a fashion slump and need some outfit inspiration, then keep on reading! 

1. Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em Pockets

This is more of a tip than an idea to provide some inspiration for an outfit, but consider wearing something with pockets to festive events. Pockets on dresses, pants, shorts or tops can help add a more casual vibe to an outfit, but pockets can be dressed up, too. The best thing about having pockets is that you can put important things in them, such as your cell phone, Gate Card and keys. Everyone knows how risky it is to bring a jacket or purse with you to a party, so avoid all that mess and keep your things with you at all time by wearing an outfit with pockets. 

2. Ditch the Basic Black: Add a Bold Color 

Yes, black goes with everything and it is definitely a signature color in a lot of our party attire. However, wearing black to every single party event just because it’s a “safe” color can get a bit repetitive. If you want to break out of this trend, try adding a pop of color to your look. For example, wear a bright blue romper for a change or a bright crop top or pants. Try out different colors and figure out which shades work for you and which don’t.

3. Try Out Sequins 

I know wearing sequins can feel like New Year’s Eve threw up on you, but when balanced out correctly, sequins can elevate the festive aspect of any outfit. Sequins on a skirt or a halter top will help you keep shining and shimmering all night long while dancing and raving. 

4. Experiment with Fabrics and Layers

To add a bit of dimension to your party outfits, try experimenting with different types of fabrics and layers. For example, instead of wearing a typical cotton t-shirt and denim jeans, try something that has a suede texture or satin feel. You can even play around with leather, flannel or knits to give a different look to your outfit. For layering, wear your favorite bomber jacket or sweater over a crop top and then tie it around your waist if you feel hot at the party.   

5. Consider comfort but don’t be afraid to be EXTRA

While it is important to think about comfortability and what you feel looks good when picking out an outfit, don’t let that stop you from trying out new looks. Wear that bold chain or orange neon colored crop top if you feel like it. Build on your individual style and figure out what flatters and makes you feel the best. Don’t let that fear make you shy away from experimenting with your style and stepping outside of the norm. 

Whatever new style you decide to incorporate into your repetoire of going-out clothes, it is sure to be something different and impressive. It’ll probably be new, which is always a plus when everyone is recycling the same going-out clothes that they’ve had since their first-year at Colgate. Don’t be afraid to branch out! It doesn’t have to be expensive to expand your wardrobe either. Check out some cool local thrift shops or second-hand shops and your look will be sure to be one-of-a-kind!

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