In The Light: Ben Hack


Ben Hack

Ben Hack came to Colgate from Suffern, New York because of the small school atmosphere, beautiful setting and great people he met while visiting.

Hack is a cellular neuroscience and classics concentrator. 

“I’ve always been interested in the brain – my fifth grade science project was on optical illusions, for example – and came into Colgate knowing I wanted to study cellular neuroscience. I love the mystery of studying the brain, and I am fascinated by how little we still understand about our own minds. Classics was a surprise, though. Through some professors my first semester here, I realized that I passionately enjoy translating ancient Greek texts and discussing their meaning in historical and philosophical contexts,” Hack said.

Hack has diverse interests, as he is involved in everything from volunteering and tutoring to acting and directing.

“I am a co-president of Colgate Global Medical Brigades, through which I organize local and global volunteering opportunities … I am also involved in tutoring here. I have also acted in various performances throughout my time here, most recently in ‘This Is Not a Play About Sex’ and in our 2016 production of ‘Almost, Maine,’ of which I was also the assistant director,” Hack said.

This past May, Hack went to Greece with the Classics extended study program. In the fall of his junior year, Hack went abroad with the Colgate study group to Manchester, England.

Hack has spent his summers doing a mix of pre-medicine-related activities, including neuroradiology research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, researching/shadowing at NYU neuropsychology, weekly shadowing of an Orthopedic surgeon, neuroscience research at Colgate and independent research on HIV/AIDS in Washington, D.C.

Hack is currently in the process of applying to medical schools and plans to attend immediately following graduation. When asked what he is going to miss most about Colgate, Hack was nostalgic. 

“The people. I’ve found some life-long friends here whom I can’t imagine not seeing every day once we leave. I would say the natural beauty of Colgate, too,” Hack said.

Hack’s advice to underclassmen is to do whatever makes you happy. 

“Be satisfied with who you are and the people you love. There is always this pressure to branch out and over-socialize, and people should just be content doing what makes them happy and not what ‘should’ make them happy,” Hack said.

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