In the Light: Ellen Hutchinson


Ellen Hutchinson

Senior Ellen Hutchinson has definitely found a way to make Colgate her own these past few years. As a native of Cleveland, Ohio, she is both a baseball and basketball fan (go Cavs!). Hutchinson’s decision to attend Colgate was definitely a little chaotic, and she recalls the series of events that landed her at 13 Oak Drive.

“I decided to visit last minute at the end of a week-long college road trip with my family. I almost didn’t apply, but when I got accepted, I decided to do a second go-around with my parents. My tour guide was really involved and the atmosphere was exciting. The Chipwich was also a major selling point, for sure,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson takes a wide variety of classes here at Colgate as a biology and political science double major, and she is working toward her lifelong dream of being a pediatric physician.

“I did a book report in grade school about one of the first female doctors, Elizabeth Blackwell, and ever since then I dreamed of being a pediatric physician. I loved science throughout high school and I volunteered at a local hospital, so I knew I wanted to work with people in the medical field,” Hutchinson said.

Outside of class, Hutchinson is involved in a wide range of activities. She is a Community Leader, a member of the varsity women’s rowing team, a co-leader of Peer Health Educators, a student researcher in a biology lab, a student tutor for Evolution, Ecology and Diverity (Biology 181) and a swim lesson instructor.

When asked to reflect back on the years she has spent at Colgate, Hutchinson says it is her friends and professors that have truly made her experience memorable. When asked to give one piece of advice to a younger version of herself or someone just beginning their Colgate journey, Hutchinson had some words of wisdom.

“Stay true to yourself, but keep an open mind because people change and friend groups evolve. I wish I knew the importance of self-care when I was a first-year student. Taking a five minute walk or calling your best friend to catch up makes a world of difference when you are having a stressful day. Also, continually asking yourself what you want and need will help you find personal happiness and your niche on campus,” Hutchinson said.

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