Downtown Hamilton Welcomes Healing Within: Holistic Wellness Store & Yoga Studio


With permission of Natalie Marcus-Bauer

HOLISTIC HEALTH IN HAMILTON: The new wellness store on Lebanon Street will offer counseling, yoga, clothing and more.

A new holistic wellness store and yoga studio called Healing Within is set to open in downtown Hamilton on Oct. 20. Located between Rainbow Cupboard and the Colgate Bookstore in the space once occupied by Retrospect, which has since relocated to Broad Street, the studio will feature adult yoga classes in the style of Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Ariel and children’s yoga, as well as other adult classes including Reiki, Meditation and TRX/Bootcamp. Dovetailing with these holistic practices, the adjoining retail space will feature goods including yoga products, crystals, candles, books, jewelry, singing bowls, essential oils and more.

The opening celebration will double as a grand re-opening for the Healing Within yoga studio, marking its relocation from 37 Milford street to 8 Lebanon Street, with the addition of the new holistic wellness store by the same name. Owner and yoga instructor Georgia Lenhart expressed her excitement about the decision to relocate.

“Although I love my current space, it is very small. I decided to move to accommodate more people from the community. The space that I’m moving is located in the heart of Hamilton making it more accessible as well,” Lenhart said.

Originally, the Healing Within yoga studio was scheduled to open to the public in March of 2020, but the ongoing pandemic delayed the opening until last September. With an unexpected six months for further preparation, Lenhart studied several other disciplines and trained to earn additional yoga teaching certifications, in order to help support her clients and community as much as possible.

“I’m truly blessed to have had that time to prepare myself even more to be the best teacher I can be,” Lenhart expressed.  

Between the relocation of the Healing Within yoga studio and the addition of the adjoining holistic wellness store, Lenhart’s yoga aspirations are greater than ever before, and she could not be more enthusiastic about what this could mean for the Hamilton area.

“There is really nothing like this in the community, and I’m thrilled to be able to offer it! … People are definitely seeking balance and peace in their lives…especially with the state of current events, and I honestly believe … that everyone can benefit from yoga.” 

Lenhart began practicing yoga more than 10 years ago, explaining that she was drawn to it for the balance and peace she heard it could bring to her mind, body and soul. However, during her first-ever experience taking a yoga class, she recalls being told, “Yoga isn’t for you,” and feeling immediately alienated from the practice.

It was not until 2018, almost seven years later, when Lenhart went to an immersive two-week yoga retreat that she realized, “Yoga is for everybody!” Lenhart attributes her inspiration for starting Healing Within to this formative experience.

“Yoga really does help balance your mind, body and soul,” Lenhart said. “It is so much more than just Asanas (the poses). It’s really a whole way of life. I’ve discovered so much about myself and have gained an awareness … that I do not believe I would have without yoga.”

First-year Colgate student and certified yoga instructor, Pahul Sachdeva, is excited about the possibility of yoga becoming more accessible to the people of Hamilton. 

“From what I’ve observed, the Hamilton area … has either young college students or the elderly in majority, and these two age groups are ideal yoga practitioners, ” Sachdeva said. “College students need balance and the elderly need strength … I would definitely be interested in checking [Healing Within] out!”

Natalie Marcus-Bauer, a senior at Colgate and fellow yoga enthusiast, also expressed her interest in how the wellness store aspect of Healing Within can enhance her practice of yoga on campus. 

“I like to look stylish and put together for my yoga classes, so Healing Within’s cool yoga clothes and gear would be right up my alley … I also really need a new mat right now … [and] you really can’t get them anywhere else in Hamilton,” Marcus-Bauer said.

The Healing Within Grand Opening Celebration will take place on Oct. 20, 2021, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and will feature door prizes, raffles, food and refreshments, as well as a sound immersion with Resonating Soul.

As the date of the opening grows nearer and preparations for the big day ramp up, Lenhart is enthusiastic about the future of her business and the impact it will have on the community,

“I honestly believe that my purpose in this life is to serve and to love. I am so honored and humbled to be a part of this community and feel truly blessed to be of service,” Lenhart said.