Introduction to Colgate’s Fashion Column

If you’ve stumbled upon this column thinking, “Hey, Colgate doesn’t usually have a fashion column,” you’d be 100 percent right! This section is Colgate’s newest addition to The Maroon–News. This column will dedicate itself to fashion on campus and beyond. The point of this fashion section isn’t to dictate to you, the reader, what’s in style or what is not. Instead, this column’s focus is to help celebrate our differences through fashion and motivate the campus to not just conform to the typical style here at Colgate. This fashion section will also strive to be gender–neutral and break the binaries and expectations of style. The goal is to be as inclusive as possible towards all the different types of communities on campus. Fashion isn’t something that should be defined or labeled by one particular model or look, and that is what we want this column to show. 

This column will cover a variety of different topics regarding style on and off campus. Articles will touch on on-going trends, provide readers with style tips on brands that provide the perfect balance between quality and affordable prices and more. Plus, since there are so many fashionable people on campus, this will be the place to help showcase their looks. That is why this column will feature the style of new people each week, as we want to keep this section as fresh and diverse as possible. There is a wide variety of styles on campus, and we aim to feature them all. We’re also determined to make this column as interactive as possible, so if anyone has any ideas or recommendations regarding a particular article they would like to see or write for this fashion column, email us.


After brutal exams and long work days, many Colgate students are looking forward to this semester’s upcoming events during Spring Party Weekend (SPW). As we all know, SPW is that time of the semester when we can all let loose before the storm of research projects and exams. However, what most people don’t realize is that Spring Party Weekend is also the time where students make the most fashion statements. So don’t let yourself just become a mess during this SPW. Instead, turn up on Colgate’s campus with some style. Like most, if you’re totally lost on what to wear for this year’s SPW, hopefully this article will provide you with some Coachella–based fashion tips that will help generate inspiration for this year’s look. Can’t we make Spring Party Weekend Colgate’s very own Coachella?

Style Tip #1 Rock Color and Different Patterns 

It’s not a secret that springtime on Colgate’s campus for some people can just mean crop tops, shorts and a Patagonia. However, to help break away from this homogenity, you can add some colorful layers to that crop top or even experiment with different types of patterns with your shorts, skirts and tops. Florals and other bohemian patterns are also popular, especially around the springtime.

Style Tip #2 Add Statement Pieces to Simple Outfits

Definitely add a statement piece to your outfit. As Teen Vogue pointed out a few days ago, there are ways to add style while avoiding past years’ incidents. Different types of statement pieces like necklaces, bracelets or even mini colorful purses have the ability to take a very simple outfit such as a black crop top with jean shorts and elevate it. Small purses also have a bit of practicality to them besides looking cute because you can carry important stuff like your cellphone, gatecard and whatever else you need to survive the long weekend. With all these creative ideas in mind, remember that there are ways to dress up on campus without offending different cultures on campus.  

Style Tip #3 Sneakers are a Yes

During SPW, we’re all familiar with Converse and sandals as favorable footwear options for Greek Life events and climbing up the hills of Hamilton when the cruiser comes twenty minutes late again. For those who want that same comfort for the same price, Vans and Adidas never seem to go out of style. Not to mention, you can still get them just as dirty this weekend and be ready for whatever comes your way next Friday night. So, try something new and switch up your shoe options while still getting lit for this year’s performance of ILoveMakonnen and Jidenna.

Style Tip #4 Definitely Use Sunglasses 

If it’s a sunny day out, not only are you doing yourself a favor by using sunglasses to protect your eyes from the UV rays, but they can also give a more rebellious feel to any typical outfit. The best thing about sunglasses is that you don’t have to just stick to the classic aviator shades. Change it up by using different types of frame shapes and colorful or reflective lenses. Pick the shade that best suites your personal style,  because the variety of options are endless.

Style Tip #5 It’s Never Wrong to Be Cozy 

Honestly, if you’re not really into the whole fashion trend/scene on and off campus, there’s nothing wrong with rocking sweatpants/joggers and plain t–shirts.The most important thing to keep in mind is that the goal of SPW is to have fun, so when picking out your outfits you can try to keep it as comfortable and lightweight as possible by dressing up your favorite grey sweatpants with white Vans or any other sneakers you feel good in. Whether you’re into patterns and accessories, or baggy jumpsuits this spring, Colgate’s Spring Party Weekend has nothing to do with following the latest trends, and everything to do with chilling with friends and having a good time!