In the Light: Hailey Biscow


Hailey Biscow

A “Yes Means Yes” facilitator, Outdoor Education instructor and LGBTQ initiatives member, senior Hailey Biscow is certainly busy around Colgate’s campus. The Los Angeles native also co-facilitates Intergroup Dialogue Workshops, which help incorporate conversations about diversity into Colgate’s curriculum.

Biscow’s passion for inclusivity has worked its way into her studies as well. As an Anthropology and Peace and Conflict Studies concentrator, Biscow has been able to “explore the intricacies of the way humans experience Earth.” Last fall, she conducted a thesis study in which she interviewed Syracuse police about their experiences on the job. Specifically, Biscow focused on issues of legal discrimination and violence, asking officers to provide their personal perspectives on the topics.

This summer, Biscow will be working with Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Santiago Juarez in the jungles of Yucatán, Mexico. Together they will conduct archaeological research to uncover Mayan remains from over 500 years ago. They will also have the opportunity to work with local women to execute such work.

After Mexico, Biscow is looking forward to maintaining a focus on activism and awareness.

“I plan to return to my family in Los Angeles and develop my skills in art activism,” Biscow said. “I will continue to disrupt white supremacy and capitalism.”

Biscow may also return to Bolivia, where she studied abroad her junior year. While there, Biscow interned with the nonprofit anthropological organization, ASUR, and created a film about international fundraising. In the future, she would love to go back to work with ASUR and learn the Quechua language.

Ultimately, though, Biscow’s plans are not set in stone.

“My plan is to go where the wind takes me, and for that I am so excited,” she said.  

Biscow feels grateful for her time spent at Colgate, and is appreciative of all the opportunities and people she has met over the past four years. She does, however, acknowledge that there is always space for improvement and growth on Colgate’s campus, as well as in the world.

“I encourage advocating for yourself, naming your discomforts and pushing and demanding the university to be better. Change happens very slowly here at Colgate. But no matter what, change is always happening,” Biscow said.

Biscow’s parting words are ones of encouragement and inspiration. They speak to her worldliness, confidence and clear passion for social change.