In the Light: Will D’Avino

In the Light: Will DAvino

Hailing from Moorestown, New Jersey, senior Will D’Avino is an English concentrator with a passion for creative writing. Outside of the classroom, D’Avino is involved in the Student Government Association (SGA) and can be found studying on the second floor of the library at his thesis carrel.

D’Avino has had engaging experiences in the English department, including taking a favorte class on playwriting and listening to inspirational faculty members. 

“Lenora Warren in the English department is one of my favorite professors at Colgate. She has always encouraged me to become a better writer. I’ve taken many of her classes and always love to see her at trivia,” D’Avino said.

D’Avino was a member of the men’s lacrosse team for three years. Being a part of a team has had a meaningful impact on D’Avino. 

“One of my most memorable moments was winning the Patriot League Championship in lacrosse sophomore year, and then going to the NCAA tournament and playing at UNC. It was a really cool experience, and it’s always fun to win,” he said. 

In his spare time, D’Avino enjoys playing foosball with friends and going to the gym. He also enjoys reading the Harry Potter series or watching “Wedding Crashers” and “Titanic.”  

“I’m really excited to enjoy my last semester on campus and just hang out with all my friends one last time while in college,” D’avino said.

D’Avino has loved getting to know so many people in the Colgate community. He advises students to get involved around campus and open themselves up to meeting new people. 

“Don’t be content with the small group of friends you made freshman year. I know it sounds cliché, but there are a bunch of cool and interesting people to meet here, and it’s worth trying to get to know some of them,” he said.

When asked about what he wishes he could have done while at Colgate, D’Avino expressed regret for not getting the opportunity to go abroad, as he loves to travel. D’Avino is sentimental about graduating this spring. 

“I will miss a lot about Colgate. Mainly the vast amount of free time and day-time naps and Netflix watching. I will also dearly miss Mary from the Bacon. Also, just being around friends all the time and being able to socialize so easily and so often,” he said. 

With his parting words, D’Avino advised taking classes in various departments. 

“I also suggest [that students] take some classes outside of their major that they may be personally interested in,” he said.  “And eat a Jug Dog at least once.”