Colgate Stand Up Presents: City Escape


 (From left to right) Rashad Bashir, Kevin Mason, Justin Ramos and Colgate senior JT Anderson take the stage at Donovan’s Pub. 

Donovan’s Pub was packed with students on Saturday night, anxiously waiting to hear Colgate Stand Up present City Escape. The group is led by senior JT Anderson and was co-hosted by three special guests, Kevin Mason, Justin Ramos and Rashad Bashir. 

Kevin Mason is most famously known for his appearance on the popular television show “Power.” His comic routine included jokes about Colgate sports, sparking a lot of laughter from the audience. He also found creative ways to express his political views about President Donald Trump and the current political state, while still being comedic and keeping the atmosphere light and exciting. Kevin ended his routine by encouraging everyone to continue supporting his journey by tuning in

to “Power.”  

Next to take the stage was Justin Ramos from Brooklyn, NY. Justin was very animated and incorporated dancing into his skits. Justin’s routine was relatable, as many of his jokes were focused on the college experience, such as the high price of textbooks. Like Kevin, Justin shared his political views, including his vote for Bernie Sanders (which evoked loud applause from the audience), as well as his views on the Black Lives Matter Movement. He made many references to pop culture including Yeezys and the beef between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. 

Rashad Bashir ended the night. Much of his routine included making jokes at both his and the audience’s expense. He talked about his personal life and his girlfriend of six years, with whom he recently became engaged. Rashad expressed respect for everyone who was able to handle the tough weather of Colgate because for him it was way too cold and he could not wait to get back to NYC. 

JT Anderson wrapped up the show by thanking everyone for attending. After the show concluded, he shared his goal for comedy at Colgate. 

“I just want to keep Colgate Stand Up progressin’,” Anderson said. For a club only in its second semester, we’ve been pretty successful so far. My goal is just to keep that up. One exciting show we’re planning that I’ll mention now is that we’re doing an all-women lineup February 25, hosted by sophomore Sydney Schultz. I think that will be dope. Obviously stand up is so male-dominated, so having an all-women’s lineup should be refreshing.”

Anderson also encouraged everyone interested in trying stand up on campus to reach out to him.