13 Beats of the Week – November 3

1. “Sweet Talk” by Saint Motel

Trumpets and horns have the power to make any song better, as evidenced by this feel-good track from Saint Motel’s new brass-heavy album.

2. “Bad Decisions” by Two Door Cinema Club

On this track from their brand new album Gameshow, Two Door Cinema Club throws it back to the 80s with a modern disco sound that isn’t what you would normally expect from them.

3. “Say Hello 2 Heaven” by Temple of the Dog

The only album from this group consisting of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell and members of Pearl Jam turned 25 this year, and their one-time-only tour kicks off next week. This song was written as a tribute to Andy Wood, singer of the group Mother Love Bone from which Temple of the Dog was formed after his death.

4. “Spiralling” by Keane

Remember the song “Somewhere Only We Know” from our middle school years? Turns out the same guys have a rad album from 2008 called Perfect Symmetry that goes in a much different direction, but is equally as enjoyable. Start with this track.

5. “You” by Andrew Belle

This underrated singer-songwriter just released this track as a

single from his yet-to-be-announced third album. The song boasts a masterfully crafted lush soundscape and an infectious beat.

6. “I Was a Kaleidoscope” by Death Cab for Cutie

Singer Ben Gibbard paints a vivid picture of a northern winter landscape in this song, something which we will be experiencing all too soon. 

7. “Dissident” by Pearl Jam 

The band’s sophomore album Vs., for which this song was recorded, celebrated its 13th anniversary last week – very Colgate appropriate.

8. “You Only Live Once” by The Strokes

Just one of those songs that’s impossible not to like. Watch the music video if you’ve ever had the urge to see The Strokes swimming around in tar. It’s both gross and captivating.

9. “Polish Girl’” by Neon Indian

Electronic meets indie in “Polish Girl” and the results are splendid, especially with its extra-catchy synth lines.

10. “Hadron Collider” by Blood Orange

Dev Hynes evaluates love in cosmic terms on this track featuring Nelly Furtado from his 2016 album Freetown Sound, recorded and released under the moniker Blood Orange.

11. “Mad Love” by JoJo

A full decade after we were blessed with the likes of “Too Little, Too Late,” JoJo returns with her first LP since 2006. The album has mostly EDM-leaning beats, but the title track “Mad Love” showcases her adeptness at slow jams.

12. “Warmth” by Bastille

In keeping with its title, this song effortlessly makes you feel all fuzzy and warm, as is Bastille’s forte. 

13. “Decision or Collision” by ZZ Top 

If you need some classic rock in your week, listen to this track with hilarious lyrics that only Texans with foot-long beards could write.