In The Light: Kevin Godart

A senior from Ridgewood, New Jersey, Kevin Godart is a concentrator in economics with a love of golf. He made some of his closest friendships while playing on Seven Oaks Golf Course. Besides playing golf recreationally, Godart has been involved in a wide variety of activities throughout his time at Colgate.

On campus, Godart is President of the Real Estate Club and a Voting Member on the Budget Allocations Committee. His involvement with Real Estate Club and the BAC are indicative of his larger interests, as Godart spent his past two summers working in NYC Real Estate Brokerage and Investment Banking at Lloyd’s Banking Group.

Aside from his interests in real estate and banking, Godart has made time at Colgate to pursue his various academic interests. One of those interests is Islamic Studies, which he credits to his Political Science professor Rob L’Arrivee for cultivating. Godart’s relationship with this A. Lindsay O’Connor Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science stands out among the rest.

“Outside of class, he has invested significant time to develop my understanding of Middle East conflicts that are relevant in today’s international landscape,” Godart said.

Although Colgate has allowed Godart to do the things he loves, he can still recognize some of its faults. One of the biggest critiques Godart has is the course registration at Colgate.

“Course registration could improve at Colgate,” Godart said. “Given class size limits, students are often boxed out of taking courses to fulfill requirements or intellectual curiosity. I strongly believe teachers are talented enough to teach larger classes without compromising person[al] attention to all students.”

Nonetheless, Godart has had a mostly positive experience at Colgate. His advice for first-years is to make sure to take advantage of the plethora of resources Colgate has to offer.

“Colgate has tremendous professors that’ll teach you things outside the classroom, financial resources designated for starting clubs, worthwhile extracurriculars and the list goes on,” Godart said.

Colgate has been the ideal school for Godart to both figure out what he loves and to pursue those passions.

“My favorite part of Colgate is the geographic isolation. Being in the middle of nowhere has strengthened my understanding of where my interests lie,” Godart said