The Definitive Guide to the Bars at ’Gate


Yogurt at the Coop

Colgate’s meal plan provides easy access to some of the most exclusive bars in Hamilton: the Coop Yogurt Bar, the Sandwich Bar and Frank’s Salad Bar.

Since we are almost halfway through the semester, the dining hall is starting to taste a little stale. Our first order of business is to help you spruce up your diet with some seasonally-inspired ingredients. Fall, your humble columnists’ favorite season, is a time of bountiful harvest and an abundance of fresh, delicious ingredients. While everyone is entitled to their own preferences, we have provided a few suggestions for you to enhance your ’Gate Bar experience.


It’s always good to start off your salad with mixed greens. This will give you a solid flavor base and allow for any type of dressing to go well with your salad. (More fragile greens, like spinach and frisee, do not hold a creamy dressing very well, so mixing them with a sturdier lettuce gives you more variety). Make sure your salad includes a variety of textures. If you go with softer vegetables, like cucumbers or peppers, it is imperative to have a crunchier element, something starchier or nuttier. Croutons or nuts do the trick. Cheese is also a must. The best option for protein is probably grilled chicken, but hard-boiled eggs work as well.

Suggested combinations:

Frisee (if available) and arugula lettuce

Thin chopped/sliced apples

Walnuts or some croutons

A dressing of your choice

Spinach or lettuce

Pumpkin seeds


Olive oil and lemon juice

(Avocado can be added)


Yogurt is the best way to start your day (or get through it or end it). Every good yogurt starts with the actual yogurt. Be careful as you pair either the plain or vanilla yogurt with toppings. If you like honey, chocolate or generally sweeter toppings, stick with the plain yogurt to avoid a sugar overload. Much like a salad, your yogurt should be composed of many different textures. It’s all about balance, so if you include a crunchy ingredient, make sure there’s also something chewy in your bowl. Same goes for a mix of sweet and tart.

Suggested combinations:

Plain or vanilla yogurt

Peanut butter


Fresh fruit


Plain yogurt

Chocolate chips




We love sandwiches because they are fast (except during the lunch rush), simple and super delicious. A great sandwich needs some sort of meat, balanced with  condiments, cheese and lettuce or vegetables, and, of course, you cannot forget the bread. At Colgate, we’re lucky to have Utica Bread at the Coop and Sandwich Bar at Frank. A cold sandwich will do in a rush, but we all know a sandwich can be brought up to the next level by toasting or pressing it, especially when it’s chilly outside.

Suggested combinations:









In a wrap