A Full House in the Hall of Presidents


Full House actor David Coulier performed stand-up at the Hall of Presidents.

Tuesday, September 27 at the Hall of Presidents David Coulier (known most notably for his performance on “Full House” and its revamp “Fuller House”) performed a stand-up comedy show. Chairs were filled throughout the spacious room and students were even crammed on the window sills and sitting on foldable tables in the back of the room. The stage was set with bright blue lights adding to the atmosphere of apprehension and excitement. Many students, myself included, were asking themselves how random it was that “Joey” from Full House was coming to Colgate for a comedy show. When the lights dimmed and David Coulier walked onto the stage students began to clap and were ready to see if the crowding and late night walk to Donovan’s was worth it. Coulier made his first joke poking fun at his performance on “Full House.”

“Alright settle down, I’m not John Stamos, reel it in,” Coulier said.

The crowd really enjoyed Coulier’s self-deprecating humor. Coulier also plugged his new show “Fuller House” on Netflix. The night then went from joke to joke, impersonation to impersonation. Coulier started talking about how he managed to travel to New York and back to Los Angeles (for filming and such) by plane. He mentioned that he had flown 1,000,000 miles with Delta Airlines and that all he received for it was the “privilege” of boarding first with the snootiest of passengers. Coulier then segued into impersonations of the cabin crew for Delta Airlines which proved to be a big hit with the crowd.

“The airport bit was pretty funny,” sophomore Alexa Werner said. “I think that he was pretty spot on.”

One topic that Coulier touched upon the most was sports. Though some of Coulier’s Brady/Packers jokes may have been a bit too soon for some audience members (as noted by a few light-hearted boos from the front row), the majority of Coulier’s jokes featured women’s tennis and their grunts of effort and the mellow yet exciting whispers of golf tournaments.

Coulier was not afraid to go for the “low hanging fruit” of the comedy sphere when he began with his fart joke segment.

“How many particles have to shoot out of your rectum in order to activate a towel dispenser that’s 20 feet away?” Coulier said.

Coulier’s buffoonery also came out in a tuba bit, where he made loud tuba sounds through the microphone. While the farce may have lasted a little too long, Coulier’s tuba impression was very impressive and could probably pass for the real thing if we had not seen him making the noise. While Coulier may have chosen a career as an actor/comedian, he still has potential as a voice actor. While some students were disappointed, others felt Coulier met their expectations.

“I was expecting to hear a lot of impersonations, and he really killed it,” senior Byran Acevedo said. “I thought he wouldn’t be able to surprise me, but he really did.”The show, sponsored by the Center for Leadership and Student Involvement (CLSI) had a great student turnout. Keep an eye out for more CLSI events in the future.