In the Light: Chelsea Mohr

A sociology concentrator and film studies minor, senior Chelsea Mohr was given the opportunity as Colgate Jewish Union (CJU) President to speak at the inauguration of Colgate’s new president, Brian Casey, this fall. The St. Louis native speaks fondly about the unique honor. 

“Being a part of President Casey’s inauguration was one of the coolest things I’ve gotten to do at Colgate, and I am so grateful that I had the chance to do it,” Mohr said. “Walking in with the procession and being on stage for an event that will be so symbolically important in Colgate’s history was a really cool feeling, and I was honored to be a part of the event ushering in this new period in Colgate’s future.” 

On campus, Mohr is the co-president of the CJU, where she keeps busy planning and running events and holidays, as well as working with the other religious groups on campus on Interfaith events and activities. She is also the Vice President of Public Relations of Delta Delta Delta Sorority (Tri Delta), and has focused this semester  on improving Tri Delta’s inclusivity, both for their members and for the greater Colgate community. Mohr spent a semester abroad in Vienna, Austria and traveled elsewhere in Europe. 

Mohr credits groups and clubs for connecting her with her closest friends at Colgate.

“Like a lot of people at Colgate, I found it pretty tough to meet people that shared my interests and values until I became more involved on campus,” Mohr said. 

If she could change one thing about Colgate, it would be for students to be more comfortable branching out on their own and making individual choices. 

“Since my first-year, I’ve noticed all of these ways that Colgate seems to enforce the need to have a tight group of friends,” Mohr said. I definitely wish that people could be more comfortable being alone on this campus, and feel like they could go to events and activities by themselves, because I think that a lot of people miss out on opportunities because they don’t have people to go with them.”

She says that after graduation, she will miss being in an environment such as Colgate, in which all of the faculty and staff want to help students like her learn and get the most out of her education. 

“[After graduation] I just want to find the right opportunity to work on something that I’m passionate about and go from there,” Mohr said.