Best Nest: Gabriella Morelli

Senior Gabriella Morelli enjoys her spacious apartment above Flour and Salt Bakery. Left: The spacious kitchen and modern appliances.

Senior Gabriella Morelli is from Albany, NY. She’s an

Environmental Studies concentrator and outside of classes she is a Tour Guide and involved in a Greek letter organization. She took the time to tell us about her sweet digs off-campus. Morelli, along with three other seniors, is living in 7 Maple Avenue just above Flour and Salt Bakery.

“It smells good in the mornings,” Morelli said. “I mean, it’s a really beautiful apartment. We only got it a year in advance … It was kind of a risk signing the lease because there was no guarantee that it would be done. This is an apartment you get when you’re out of college and working for ten years. And it’s a really good location.”

This is not your average off-campus apartment. The apartment is home to three seniors on the back side of the apartment, while the front side, connected for the time being, is home to four more girls. The joint space has eight bedrooms with queen size, TempurPedic beds and a shower on each floor. The apartment also has a spiral staircase between floors.

“I do a lot of my work looking out the window from this table. I think I spend more time in here doing work because this is the quieter side [of the apartment],” Morelli said.

The girls split their time between the different apartments since they are all friends. They leave the doors open and hang out on the main floor.

Gabriella’s senior year apartment differs from her previous on-campus homes in terms of quality of the space, but in other ways it resembles her past living experiences.

“I lived in townhouse 5A, in Drake Hall as a sophomore and Gate House as a first-year,” Morelli said. “Everyone in the back apartment has been living together for all four years.”

Morelli is aware of the variety of perks that come with her apartment.

“I like my room because it’s very well-lit in the mornings, and it came furnished with a Tempur-Pedic queen bed, a closet, a desk and furniture,” Morelli said. “I didn’t need any of my own stuff in there – it was move in ready, and I moved in and I was ready.”  

Morelli said that the room does not particularly reflect her personal style.

“It’s been an adjustment period – it reflects my lack of style,” Morelli said. “I like it because it’s bigger. I never had a single in my college career – I don’t need a mattress pad for my bed. It makes you feel like you’re a real person.”

Much of Morelli’s room is decorated with items she has carried with her throughout her college career.

“I have a fancy fan that doesn’t have any blades – it’s a Dyson; I have a twin comforter that I used for my previous three years that does not fit,” Morelli said. “My crocs – I’ve had them since fourth grade. They’re a little small since I did get them at such a young age.”She even pointed out that she has a giblet of her astrological sign, Aquarius, on them.

Morelli loves her living situation and even commented that she thinks the room is occupied for the next two academic years. Its popularity is boosted by the fact that it’s across the street from Hamilton Eatery Mac & Cheese and above delicious bagels.

“I think I can speak for everyone in the apartment – we all feel really lucky to have gotten this apartment,” Morelli said.