In The Light: Ben Fetzner

Ben Fetzner

Ben Fetzner

As Musical Director of the a cappella group the Colgate Resolutions, Co-Captain of club swimming, volunteer in the Office of Admission, tutor for the Psychology department and a participant in the University Choir and Chamber Singers, senior Ben Fetzner has a lot on his plate.

Fetzner’s love for music comes from a lifetime of playing the piano and the trombone, as well as singing. “I think that music is a reflection of the

society in which it is created, which makes it an incredible thing to study if you want to understand human motivation and behavior,” Fetzner said.

Originally a neuroscience concentrator, Fetzner discovered a greater love for psychology courses, which led to his new course of study.

Fetzner encourages students to study abroad. He studied in London with Associate Professor of History Noor Khan, citing this trip as an experience that brought him closer to other Colgate students and strengthened the bond between him and Professor Khan.

“Professor Khan has been such an incredible spiritual resource to me in addition to all of the ways in which she challenged me academically,” Fetzner said.Like many of the friendships created at Colgate, Fetzner says that most of his closest relationships are the result of chance and involvement in groups.

“I was lucky enough to be in the same spaces as some of the most amazing people that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I have also met phenomenal human beings via the various organizations that I became a part of,” Fetzner said.

If he could offer any advice to Colgate students, he suggests that one should never shut themselves off to change. “Every single day, you are invited by the people, the spaces and the ideas which surround you to become a more nuanced version of yourself,” Fetzner said. “It is incredibly easy to get stuck here and miss those invitations … be open to every single opportunity.”

Fetzner explains that from his experience at Colgate, he will miss the people the most.

“There is an unlimited supply here of truly profound human beings,” Fetzner said. I do not think I will ever again encounter a space in which there is so much passion and creative energy.”As for his plans after Colgate, check in with him in a few months. “My life changes too much from minute to minute for me to even think about something that is eight months away. Ask me again in April.”