Brief: Flu & COVID-19 Vaccines Return

According to an email from Monday, Oct. 3, the University is working with Hamilton’s Dougherty Pharmacy to provide the Colgate community with COVID-19 boosters and flu vaccinations. Collaboration with a third party is new for the University’s vaccination programs, as in previous years the University has acted independently or in conjunction with Kinney Drugs.

The email, sent from Student Health Services (SHS), outlines three dates available for students to get the flu vaccine, Pfizer COVID-19 booster, or both. The dates of the clinics are Thursday, Oct. 6, Thursday, Oct. 13 and Wednesday, Oct. 19. These clinics will be held in the Merrill House, and distributed based on a sign-up sheet provided in the email.

SHS is also hoping to gauge student interest in Monkeypox vaccines (JYNNEOS) that would be provided to high-risk individuals. According to the email, SHS has the opportunity to receive some doses for JYNNEOS, but will only obtain them if student interest is high enough. There has been a decrease in cases across the country, but SHS wants to give students the opportunity to voice opinions on the Monkeypox vaccine in order to be considerate of the community’s concerns.

Students are encouraged to sign up for their desired vaccinations as soon as possible because there is a finite amount of available does.