Spring Jamboree Thrills

Hannah Goldstein performed “Video Games” with talented members of the Swinging ‘Gates.

Students, faculty and parents gathered in the Chapel on Saturday evening for The Swinging ‘Gates and Colgate Thirteen Spring Jamboree. Although the show was the last performance for the graduating seniors, it was evident from the audience that the current seniors in both groups have made lasting impressions on their respective groups. The concert featured solos by the seniors.

The Swinging ‘Gates opened the show with an upbeat “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” where the group sang together with distinct harmonies and rhythmic styling. Their set included a unique mix of songs, featuring pieces by modern pop artists like Lana Del Rey and Sara Bareilles. Senior Hannah Goldstein earned a roaring applause for her distinct deeper voice and wide range in “Video Games,” and senior Meredith Clark’s chilling high note during Sara Bareilles’ “Gravity” led to an incredible reaction by the audience.

They also sang classics, including Norah Jones’ “Don’t Know Why,” featuring senior Sarah Wheeler, and Jewel’s “Foolish Games,” with vocals from senior Cara Catalone. Finally, they closed out their set with “All I Have to Do is Dream,” drawing on a Swinging ‘Gates 40-year old tradition. The harmonies and key change in this number were particularly impressive. Watching the singers perform in concert and honor the tradition of their group and the role of each individual group member was an important element of the concert.

Next, the Colgate Thirteen took the stage, kicking off their set with “Hodja,” featuring an exciting and upbeat solo from senior Ben Newman. Changing the pace, the men seemed excited and enthusiastic on stage from the get-go. The show continued with “Just the Two of Us,” with a solo from senior Daniel Foussard, and continued with a unique version of Sam Smith’s “Latch.” This song was arranged in a cool way, combining aspects of both Smith’s slow, original version, and Disclosure’s remix. Senior Alex Drakos did a great job of entertaining the audience through the switch-up. Senior Brett Christensen achieved a loud applause for his “Mack the Knife” vocal, and senior Charles Polk III was suave and stylish in his solo on the classic “My Girl.” Leaders of the group, Casey Konys and Sean Maguire, also took a moment to honor the spirit and legacy of the Thirteen on campus, calling up their newest member to earn his “limited edition” maroon Thirteen blazer. “The Colgate Thirteen is a group of traditions,” Maguire said.

Next, Maguire channeled Josh Turner, notable for his deep country voice, in “Why Don’t We Just Dance?” Finally, Konys took a moment to honor his time in the Thirteen, singing “Everything You Want,” explaining beforehand that when he was a first-year, this was the song he chose for the group to sing. The audience “awwed” at his sentimental comment.

“I’m really glad I went to the concert. I love hearing the Swinging ‘Gates and the Colgate Thirteen perform because they’re really energetic on stage and were very well-rehearsed,” first-year Gizem Dursuk said.