ETC’s “Shit Show” Brings Comedy Gold to Campus


The hilarious cast of the Experimental Theater Company take a break during rehearsal for their original performance entitled, “The Shit Show.”

The Experimental Theater Company (ETC) presented “The Shit Show” to the Colgate community on Sunday, April 3 in Ryan Studios. ETC began the event with words from the senior leaders, Quincy Pierce and Karl Uy. They stated that “The Shit Show” was comprised of a compilation of rejected comedy sketches written and edited by ETC that did not make it to one of their primary shows. 

“ETC is a bucket of fun. We write and perform our own skits, but every year some skits we write get cut from the show whether it is for time purposes or other reasons. A new member who is a senior was lamenting the fact that he’d only get to do two shows before graduating, so we decided to just throw together material we already had and do ‘The Shit Show’ as an extra show this semester,” Quincy Pierce said. 

Currently, ETC is composed of 14 members. The program, stating that the show was, “The best worst thing we’ve ever done,” also offered the promise to, “Get to know your thespians.” Alongside the names of the members, witty oneliners were included to give audience members a sense of the hilarious and quickly-paced nature of the comedy routines. 

The 19 skits ridiculed and created a caricature of campus life and highly familiar aspects of society, drawing inspiration from fraturday, Tinder and hookup culture as well as overzealous parenting styles. The audience roared with laughter as the performers quickly transitioned from one completely unrelated skit into another. 

“I enjoyed how the skits played to stereotypes of people we all know, so everyone could relate and laugh together,” first-year John Bennett said. 

The comedians stood offstage waiting on the edge of the theater for their turn to perform. As their peers acted on stage, members not performing watched from the sides, eager to laugh and support their friends. A strong sense of community and excitement radiated throughout ETC, reflecting the overall success and energy of the event.

“I found the show to be extremely entertaining due to both amazing performers and funny skits. It was a great opportunity for my prospective student to see an aspect of Colgate that is super spunky. Next time ETC is putting on a show, I will definitely be there,” first-year Molly Lieberman said. 

Recently, ETC has performed at Good Nature Brewery and has plans for future events to come. 

“We held the first show at Good Nature Brewery which was honestly the best space we could have asked for. We’re really excited to continue doing shows at their new venue when it opens up,” Pierce said.

Among routines performed, crowd favorites included those which related directly to life at Colgate. For example, the character Tucker, a member of a fraternity, made his debut in the opening sketch, “Tucker the F*cking Tour Guyd” and later in “Dirty Rush.” Another favorite entitled, “If You Like Cold Brew Coffee” remixed Rupert Holmes’ Pina Colada Song by introducing witty lyrics representative of life on college campuses.