Annual Spring Ice Show Thrills with Memorable Last Performances by Seniors


Members of Colgate’s Figure Skating Club pose for a photo after giving a stunning performance on the rink. 

Students and community members gathered at Starr Rink on Sunday, March 7, for the Colgate Figure Skating Club’s Annual Spring Ice Show. They were greeted with programs at the door that offered an opportunity to “Meet the Skaters” by providing information about every member of the club, as well as a set list of the performances that would be taking place. The show opened with sophomores Liz Arenare, Alana Resnick and Lizzie Weingart performing Miley Cyrus’ “Hoedown Throwdown,” which the announcer jokingly presented as a “legendary country hit.” The girls impressively performed the popular dance routine on ice skates while donning cowgirl hats and flannel shirts, also incorporating more traditional ice skating moves into the routine. 

The second performance featured sophomore Olivia Haller, who has competed internationally as a member of Team USA, performing to Queen’s “Killer Queen” in a beautiful red ensemble. The third performance featured a hit from our high school years, with first-year Olivia Dansky skating to “Secrets” by the band OneRepublic in a stunning violet costume. Sophomore Alana Resnick took to the ice again, this time in a black outfit, to perform to a modern twist on the Jackson 5 song “ABC,” with “Easy Love” by Sigala. Lizzie Weingart also returned in a pink dress to take us to the land of Oz and teach us some important tips and tricks, performing “Popular” from the musical Wicked. She lip-synched and acted along with the song throughout her routine, earning some laughs from the audience. 

Perhaps one of the most talked about performances of the evening was seniors Allison Chapin and Alison Bean’s duet to “The Phantom of the Opera.” Both girls played the part of the Phantom and wore the iconic white mask along with black capes. It turns out that this performance began as a joke their very first year at Colgate. With this performance being four years in the making, some friends who came out to see it were quite excited about it. 

“Alison Bean and Allison Chapin’s capes flowed for a solid three minutes. Those were the best three minutes of my life,” senior Elizabeth Marino said.

After their performance, the two seniors were given flowers and hugs to thank them for everything they had done for the club and to wish them the best on their future endeavors. It was noted that they will be the last club members to skate all four years in Starr Rink, as the rink was to close the very next day

For the finale, sophomore Matt Murphy joined all of the girls for a special treat for all of the Wildcats out there. The entire club performed “We’re All in This Together” from the beloved High School Musical. Everyone performed the classic choreography to the chorus while incorporating some different moves throughout the rest of the song.

“The finale was outstanding! Everyone was having so much fun on the ice. My friend and I gave a standing ovation. 10 out of 10,” senior Kate Dugdale said. 

Overall, this was a great show to close out Starr Rink.