Molly & Andrew: Frisbee Romance

Madison Ballou, Contributing Writer

Club sports offer community, structure and a chance to shake off the rust of high school athletics. They also might just provide a space for a romantic relationship — take it from two members of Colgate’s ultimate frisbee team.

Molly Pritchard is a sophomore from Andover, Mass. who is considering a history concentration, while Andrew Lass is a sophomore from Scarsdale, N.Y. considering a computer science concentration. Both dedicated members of the frisbee team, the pair began their friendship on Halloween of their first year, bonding over a sport they both played in high school.

During the second semester of their first year, the pair were in the same Legacies of the Ancient World class and, as a result, began to spend more time with one another. Soon, Lass asked Pritchard on a first date: watching “The Batman” in the Bryan Complex common room. The pair made their relationship official a few months later. 

Now together for almost six months, Lass shared one of his favorite memories from this period:

“A drawing competition while studying [for] Legacies on a chalkboard in Lathrop [Hall] — it was a lot of fun. Now, the characters we drew are a running joke. That moment was definitely a turning point in our relationship and led to where we are today,” Lass said. “Another memory is waking up and doing crosswords for hours. Over the summer, when we were apart, we would always do crosswords together. Crosswords are a special piece of our relationship now.”

Around campus, Pritchard and Lass enjoy watching movies, going ice skating, planning ice cream dates and venturing into town together. They recommend these dates for other couples on campus, and for those singles who are in search of a relationship. 

“Just wait till you find someone who you are comfortable with and have fun with — start there,” Pritchard advised.

Lass added his two cents. 

“You just have to let it happen, though the [Old Stone] Jug is probably not the best place to look,” he said. 

A great place to look, however, is the Ultimate Frisbee team that the couple speaks so highly of, whether that be for a relationship or just a good group of friends.

“The group is a family. I feel totally comfortable with everyone there and everyone is super friendly and welcoming to be around. I can’t say enough good things about the team and the people on it,” Pritchard said.

Aside from Ultimate Frisbee, the pair is very active around campus. They both share that it can be challenging balancing a relationship and school life, but their relationship is worth the extra work. 

“If you put in the effort, you can make it work and it is definitely worth it,” Lass said. 

Pritchard and Lass surely “scored” in this relationship.