Staff Spotlight: Treasurer Brian Hutzley

Brian Hutzley serves as both Colgate’s Vice President for Finance/Administration and Treasurer.

Brian Hutzley serves as both Colgate’s Vice President for Finance/Administration and Treasurer.

Vice President for Finance and Administration and Treasurer Brian Hutzley sits in his office in James B. Colgate Hall. His job, however, entails much more than simply managing money. 

“My duties include overseeing budgeting and financial planning, endowment and investment management, risk management, sustainability and recycling, capital project finance, which is construction and renovation of facilities as well as buildings and grounds and maintaining the beautiful campus,” Hutzley said.

In addition, he oversees miscellaneous auxiliary services, like faculty housing, campus weddings, the bookstore and dining services, an issue about which he is extremely knowledgeable and always happy to receive student feedback.

Of these duties, Hutzley believes one of the biggest challenges he faces and spends the most time on is capital and financing the renovations of buildings. 

“We’re finishing off a new athletic facility, getting ready to build a brand-new, state-of-the-art Career Services Center and there are major renovations happening to residential halls Stillman, Andrews and Bryan that will hopefully be started this summer. We’re hoping they will all get some type of sprucing up, new heating units, things like that,” Hutzley said. 

And as a result of the Career Services renovations, both the students and employees will greatly benefit from improved spaces for networking functions, adequate common spaces, more current technology and more interview resources. 

“The alumni who come back to recruit know they will get a quality employee. Regardless of the discipline or academic program, they know that they’ll find a student who cares, will work hard and values communication,” Hutzley said. 

Even though these tasks can seem difficult and challenging, they are tremendously interesting and important.

“It’s motivating to try to find the best solution, and to get to work with a lot of new people on campus to understand different parts of Colgate,” Hutzley said. 

Before he began his professional career, Hutzley received his Master of Business Administration degree from Syracuse University and his Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University. After that, he went on to accumulate decades of business and finance experience by working at AT&T and the MeadWestvaco Office Products Group in Sidney, NY.  He later served as Vice Chancellor for Financial Services and Chief Financial Officer at State University of New York. 

“I’ve been in higher education for a little over 10 years. I started at a smaller SUNY school and was actively involved in the same types of things, the budget, bookstore and buildings. But I was also heavily involved in the bigger part of the SUNY system itself – leadership development, which was incredibly exciting, budgeting and strategic sourcing,” Hutzley said.

“I worked for the largest comprehensive system in the country with great leadership and a lot of interest in things going on. But I certainly missed being on a campus,” Hutzley said.

 Soon enough, he heard about the job opening at Colgate through word of mouth from a friend, and decided to seize the opportunity. His favorite parts of working here include the people he has met and the students.

 “Seeing the energy here, talking to students off the beaten path; and the community that Colgate is in, Hamilton and beyond, has such great leadership from the Mayor to Town Superintendent to the CEO of the hospital. Everyone was really in-tune with how important Colgate is and what Colgate’s mission is, being focused on the students, community and alumni,” Hutzley said. 

Although he does fantastic work as a leader making an impact on Colgate students, Hutzley makes time for the other most important people in his life: his children. “My daughter will be graduating from Syracuse University this year, and my son is in the Air Force,” Hutzley said. 

Other than spending time with his family, cooking is one of his biggest hobbies. Hutzley also enjoys spending time outside, kayaking, hiking and eating at all of his favorite restaurants in Hamilton.

“The farmers’ market in the summer is always fun. There are always activities, whether in the village or on campus to take advantage of. For a really small town, there are so many things to do: plays, performances, Division I athletics – it’s endless,” Hutzley said. “Whenever there’s an event that brings people together, a hockey game at Starr Rink, reunion weekend, there’s always energy and passion,” Hutzley said. 

Hutzley wants Colgate students to enjoy every moment and to appreciate their opportunities on and off campus. 

“Take advantage of being here. Build relationships with faculty, staff and students. When you graduate, stay in touch with Colgate, because it’s magical. Help the next generation of students by giving your time, your advice and helping out with events that are important to you across the country. It’s a way to stay in touch with one of the most important parts of your life,” Hutzley said. “It’s also amazing to attend or work someplace that will soon be 200 years old.”