Poetry: my social media soul

rapturous retreat — induced dementia —
swipe scroll tap stare laugh cry empty —
syringe fed voices —

i’m trapped in rabbit holes —
down to my wonderland — forged by algorithms — forgotten likes and views
prescribe and read my mind.

my fingers are sore after a long day’s work —
my hand my grasp my obsession my craving.
i live on moving walkway feeds —
a stagnant purgatory — remote controlled dopamine —
the escalator towards crispy corneas
melted brains
an inner green eye.

i bask in this blissful blue haze —
this labyrinth void i made.
stillness merge —
forgotten cravings lingering aspirations.

what more can i discover?
a single pump of blood, an itch behind my ear
trapped in my pillow, the smell of burning plastic
live streams — rouse me foggy headed
from social media ecstasy

this thrill —
my eyes are fixed — in this mirror —
i am my own minotaur my reflection
doesn’t look like me.
how do i wake up?

why do i need to escape?