Ten SWANK Favorites

Ten SWANK Favorites

LJ Coady, Staff Writer

Home decor store SWANK, located on Broad Street, recently opened its doors last month after renovations. I recently visited SWANK to see what the new space had to offer, and I found some great pieces that I would love to take home. The new store is bright, airy, with lots of unique lifestyle goods to enhance any living space. When you walk in you will be immediately greeted by not just the store’s human representatives, but a furry friend that would love to show you around. SWANK is filled with any kind of home item you could want, whether it be decor, creative food items, or practical pieces. The items I’ve included below can be added to a dorm space, apartment, house, or would make great presents for a loved one. I hope you enjoy this list of recommendations and head on over to SWANK to check them out for yourself!

Succulent Stationary Supplies

For writing down important dates, assignments, or to-do lists, the writing materials and notebooks located at the back of SWANK make organizing your day to day tasks much more enjoyable. The matching pencil set and set of three mini notebooks are decorated with designs of green succulents with yellow and pink flowers. You can either purchase the tin of pencils and notebooks together or separately. If you’re a plant lover or just someone who wants their stationary materials to have a bit more personality, these items are for you.


The walls of Colgate’s dorm rooms are often bland, but sprucing up your living space has never been easier with SWANK’s selection of posters. Located in the back room of the store, there are posters of New York City, flowers, plants, and animals. The posters can also be purchased with a kit that can be used to hang the paper. Head on over to SWANK if you want some unique pieces that can make the beige walls of your room more lively.

Coop’s Salted Caramel Sauce

Want to enhance your Frank ice cream, or add a salty-sweet twist to yogurt, oatmeal, waffles and more? Look no further than Coop’s Salted Caramel Sauce, carried by SWANK’s NOSH Gourmet Food Emporium. SWANK also sells the brand’s hot fudge, mocha fudge and vegan fudge — enough options to satisfy even the most particular taste. Erika Perez, the founder, creative director and ​principal designer​ at SWANK, recommended students explore NOSH’s new options post-remodel.

“Our Gourmet Food Emporium features small batch and from scratch specialty foods and tableware staples,” Perez said. “Some of our new offerings include: chocolate sauces from Coop’s, truffle butter, oil, salt and hot sauce from Truffliest, a variety of pestos from Bella Cucina, organic pastas and sauces from Sfloglini and Sonoma Gourmet, BBQ sauces, rubs and sunflower seeds from Rufus Teague, premium tinned fish from Spain, authentic all natural charcuterie from Vermont Salumi and flavor infused- srirachas and honeys from Bushwick Kitchen.”

‘Hello’ Door Mat

Tired of tracking snow and mud into your dorm or apartment? Grab a welcome mat from SWANK and stop dirt at the door! The high-quality door mats feature cute sayings like ‘Hello You Lovely People,’ guaranteed to brighten your mood after a long day of classes. Sophomore Caroline Collins enjoyed how cheerful the door mats appeared.

“The mats look so friendly and welcoming,” Collins said. “I think they add a feel-good vibe to your room!”

Capri Blue Candles

The Anthropologie-famous Capri Blue candles are now sold at SWANK, including the ever-popular scent ‘Volcano.’ Candles may be banned from dorms, but they make perfect Christmas presents for parents and off-campus friends. Perez highlighted the range of brands and scents carried at SWANK’s candle bar.

“Our Candle Bar features a variety of soy candles, diffusers and decorative matches. We’ve added several new lines including Apotheke, Capri Blue, Black Velvet and Makana to name a few,” Perez said. “Here is a sampling of the delightful scents we offer: French Rose, Lemon Sage, Lavender Tangerine, Coconut Milk, Magnolia Bouquet, White Vetiver and more.”

Small Woven Rugs

Colgate winters are cold, and there is nothing worse than having to walk on a freezing dorm floor first thing in the morning. SWANK carries small woven rugs perfect for anyone living in a dorm or small apartment. Available in a multitude of gender-neutral colors and styles, the rugs can also be rolled into a compact size, making them easy to transport and store.


Need something soft and warm to get you through midterms? SWANK carries beautiful throw blankets perfect for chasing the ‘Sunday Scaries’ away. Sophomore William Upchurch, a noted blanket enthusiast, was excited about the prospect of buying new blankets from SWANK.

“The blankets look pretty dope,” Upchurch said.


At first glance, Hamilton may seem light on shopping, especially when it comes to clothes and accessories. For those wondering where to find interesting new jewelry, SWANK has a surprisingly wide selection of unique earrings (and other items!) to fit any taste, from classic to eclectic.

“Our jewelry offerings include sterling silver, brass and leather — many of which are handmade and unique to our shop. Earrings remain popular with students, as well as novelty rings, bracelets and necklaces,” Perez said.

Woven Floor Pouf

Not enough seating in your room for all your friends? Wish you had an ottoman to rest your feet on while studying? Want a coffee table, but don’t have the space? Grab a floor pouf from SWANK. The versatile piece complements any decor style, and will always be in use. 

Fiona the Puppy

SWANK may be a store, but it has more to offer than just things to buy. In fact, most students’ favorite item in the shop is most certainly not for sale.

“To be honest, students adore our shop dog Fiona! We love that they stop in to play with her and we welcome them to do so whenever they need a cute doggie fix and/or are missing their dog from home,” Perez said.