Colgate Resolutions Presents Akfest 31


Mary Kate Doyle

PITCH PERFECT: The Resolutions perform to a packed Colgate Memorial Chapel.

The Colgate Memorial Chapel was filled with students, community members, alumni and family on April 15 to see the Colgate Resolutions perform at Akfest 31 — the 31st anniversary of the a cappella group’s yearly concert. The Resos, as the group is more commonly known, is the oldest gender-inclusive a cappella group at Colgate.

As the 19 students prepared to sing their hour-long set, the Resolutions’ music director, senior Rachella Carlino, and president, senior Jane Flynn, introduced the group in what marked their final performance. 

“What I love most about the Resos is how supportive we are of one another,” Carlino said. “We truly are a family and we are there for each other both in and out of rehearsals. That connection is essential to the music we make together; the bond we have as a group makes performing all the more special.” 

The students performed songs such as “I Will Wait” by Mumford and Sons, “Love on the Brain” by Rihanna and “Mercy” by Duffy. Between each song, students from the group introduced the next one by providing witty and mysterious commentary that left the audience wondering what the next song could be.

Halfway through the concert, Carlino introduced a tradition that the Resos have for new members, or “newbies.” Each new member has to perform a skit during intermission. This year, their new member was sophomore Connor Deagle, and in his “Reso Roast” he lightheartedly made fun of and teased other group members. This made for an interactive performance and provided a lively and entertaining atmosphere for the students, families and alumni in the audience. By the end of the concert, the tight-knit community and familial feelings were abundantly evident. 

Carlino spoke to the challenges of leading such a lively group and the balance between creating high-quality song covers and allowing students to enjoy creative freedom.

“The most challenging part of being music director is balancing productivity while making sure every member is engaged in the music,” Carlino said. “Especially before a concert, rehearsals can get more intense with fine tuning and strict attention to details of each piece. However, it is so important to get creative and find ways to make that process enjoyable for all members. Even though we put in a lot of hard work to produce a great concert, it is crucial to maintain a level of excitement in the group and remember that the primary focus of the Resos is to have fun.”

The love their fans have for the Resos was clear throughout the concert. Audience members created posters for the performers and cheered after a soloist belted out a line or hit a high note.

“The Resos are incredible; it’s so clear that they work really hard to put on an amazing show every time they perform, which they always succeed in doing,” senior Sasha Greensfelder said. “It’s also so cool to hear their new arrangements — which [Carlino], the music director, works with the group to create — and hearing it all come to life on stage is always so exciting and such a testament to their talent.” 

Sophomore Ian Stimson, a member of the Resos, spoke about his favorite part of the performance with his group. 

“My favorite part of the performance was when we clicked [as a group] and I could hear the overtones, and I knew we were all connected,” Stimson said. “It was those magical moments that truly made the concert.” 

At the end of the set, Carlino invited Resos alumni to the stage to sing “Operator” by The Manhattan Transfer. This final piece is a tradition at Akfest for the Resos. Alumni and current students shared hugs, laughter and smiles before the final song. Carlino thanked the audience alongside Flynn for their support and dedication to the Resos, and they both expressed gratitude for their four years with the group. When it was time for the final bows, cheers and screams of “encore” radiated through the Chapel. While the performance was over, the passion and excitement for music and performance lingered on. 

The Resos hope to continue their momentum at A Cappella Fest on Friday, April 21 at 7:00 p.m., where they will perform alongside the other Colgate a cappella groups at the Palace Theater.