Hami-Down Gate Hosts Local Sale


Claire Madsen

SUSTAINABLE STYLE: Colgate students browse through Hami-Down Gate’s stock of secondhand clothes in the Hall of Presidents in James C. Colgate Hall.

Students and Colgate University community members gathered in the Hall of Presidents for the third Hami-Down consignment sale of this year, and the second of the semester, on Sunday, April 16. This was the first event held by Hami-Down in the Hall of Presidents, having overgrown the Batza Room in which the previous event in February was held. The sale included second-hand clothing items of all kinds, posters, Hami-Down Hats, and free Hami-Down tote bags. All items were sold at a reduced price, with some clothing items even being available for free.

Hami-Down is an online platform that provides Colgate students a space to buy and sell goods in a sustainable, convenient, affordable and environmentally conscious manner. The organization was co-founded in 2020 by seniors Leigh Frankel and Cameron Stokes as a Thought Into Action (TIA) entrepreneurial venture. Since then, Hami-Down has facilitated over 500 transactions in just over two years. 

“The purpose of Hami-Down, and this event, is to recycle clothing through the community and create sustainable and convenient shopping options,” Frankel explained. “Additionally, these events provide space for independent sellers to sell the things they create, and to promote student-led businesses.”

The business uses a consignment model to facilitate direct connections between those selling clothing items and those buying goods through the use of their Instagram, @Hamidown_Gate. Through Instagram, the business averages about 3 to 4 posts a day of photos of the clothes and items that students are selling. The Hami-Down team then connects interested buyers to sellers directly, using Instagram messages to communicate. Interested buyers are promised delivery and try-on within 24 to 48 hours of expressing interest in an item.

As Frankel implied, online shopping can be wasteful, and this consideration is especially relevant for Colgate students who attend school in a rural region of Central New York. Hami-Down provides a quick, convenient and sustainable alternative to online shopping.

When asked about what she finds most meaningful about the business, sophomore Avery Johnson, a Hami-Down team member, spoke about the importance of shopping sustainably.

“It’s been really special to see how items can be given new life and reinvigorated in new homes. It’s amazing to see how people are able to repurpose items they get through Hami-Down sales,” Johnson said.

Additionally, the organization serves as an informal community-building system.

“I am proud to be a part of Hami-Down because it serves as a way for me to connect with freshmen and other students I don’t normally cross paths with. It is really awesome to become more integrated into the community in this way,” Sophomore Laine Katz-Vanzo, who also works on the team, explained.

By directly connecting buyers and sellers through an intention of making sustainable shopping choices, the organization helps enable student connections and encourage sustainability efforts. The success of Hami-Down provides inspiration for other student entrepreneurs interested in bringing their ideas to the table in order to benefit the Colgate community. Those interested in buying, selling or exploring upcoming Hami-Down events can learn more on Instagram (@Hamidown_Gate).