Colgate Live Music Collective Presents Babehoven

The up-and-coming band Babehoven dazzled students with a beautiful set of songs in the WRCU studio on April 20. Babehoven is led by singer-songwriter Maya Bon and is based out of Hudson, N.Y. This performance was the latest event sponsored by the Colgate Live Music Collective (CLMC), a group of students who strive to provide the Colgate community with the opportunity to enjoy diverse musical groups and promote local artists.

These concerts give students the chance to discover local bands that they may have never heard of before while supporting the organizers of the event that work to provide live music to the community. Sophomore Emily Falk commented on her appreciation for the Babehoven concert. 

“I would never [have] listened to them had they not come to Colgate, and it was fun to support friends in WRCU,” Falk said.

Babehoven’s unique sound is full of emotion and encapsulates a range of dynamics, even featuring a harmonica in one of their songs. Aside from the harmonica, their instruments were limited to guitars, but that did not restrict the power or fullness of their music. In fact, their simple setup contributed to the charm of the setting. The lighting and space provided in the WRCU studio created an appealing environment to enjoy the music, as noted by Falk. 

“The vibes were immaculate; I loved the lighting and intimate atmosphere with everyone sitting on the ground,” she added.

In addition to the physical space, Babehoven’s style of music contributed to the intimate atmosphere. They performed songs from their debut album, “Light Moving Time,” which contains themes encompassing the power of community, changing relationships, trauma and self-reflection. The album’s songs reflect the range of Babehoven’s dynamics and portray the complexity of life, filled with so much beauty and pain.

A specific example of how this complexity is observed in their sound is with the song “On Your Team,” which they performed at the campus concert. This song is best described as being somewhere in between a power ballad from the ’80s and a flowy country song. An underlying tone throughout all their songs was the emotion they portrayed in representing such significant issues in our world. 

Another unique aspect of Babehoven’s concert was how they valued community input. They encouraged feedback on what type of songs people wanted to hear, spoke about their personal lives and were interested in hearing about the audience members’ lives. They were clearly devoted to connecting with the audience and portraying themselves as real, ordinary individuals, in addition to talented artists. Their dog, Woody, was also a beloved part of the show. 

Live music performances such as Babehoven are a great way to bring students together in an environment that promotes appreciation for the arts and the discovery of new or lesser-known voices, particularly local ones. The opportunity for community-building provided at these events is appreciated by students like first-year Lizzy Liao. 

“What I enjoyed the most about the concert was my friends,” Liao said. “We all went together, and it was nice to just have this opportunity to hang out after class.” 

Senior Haley Spain commented on how she benefited from the opportunity to discover a new artist and the new perspectives they brought to Colgate. 

“Babehoven was an incredible musical guest. Although not a previous fan, I definitely am one now,” Spain said. “Bringing music to Colgate is totally in line with the University’s mission of educating the whole student as it exposes students to different perspectives and ways of expression.” 

Students certainly enjoyed the entertainment and enrichment the concert provided, as seen thought the crowd that flocked to the Babehoven merch table following the show. The Colgate Live Music Collective will be providing another live music opportunity for students on May 4 on the Case-Geyer Library terrace with a performance by the Gio Pettigrass Quartet, a group from nearby Auburn, N.Y.