Second-Annual A Cappella Fest Takes Place at Hamilton Palace Theater


Robert "Jerry" Pfeifer

SHOWCASING STUDENT TALENT: Senior Chase Garvey-Daniels performing a solo, takes the stage with the Dischords at the second annual A Cappella Fest in the Hamilton Palace Theater.

The second-annual A Cappella Fest occurred in the same location where the tradition was established last year, at the Hamilton Palace Theater. The Blue Parsley Boys, a local act of Colgate graduates, performed first and introduced the event. Every Colgate University a cappella group performed, starting with the Mantiphondrakes and the Colgate Dischords doing a duet, followed by the Colgate Thirteen, the Resolutions and finally, the Swinging ‘Gates. Evident from their coordinated performances, each group trained vigorously as an ensemble and was prepared with a glowing list of songs, each of which was followed by an eruption of applause. Many of the vocalists were seniors performing their final show, whose efforts could be distinguished by profound, heartfelt emotion. The Annual A Cappella Fest is one of the two events each year (the other being Family Weekend) where all the Colgate a cappella groups perform together. The Annual A Cappella Fest is a particularly unique and meaningful event that seems to have filled a gap, providing a stage to demonstrate the immense artistic talent exhibited by the singers unaccompanied by instruments.

First-year Will Olszewski, a member of the Colgate 13, appreciates experiencing all of the a cappella on Colgate’s campus and beyond. “It was a great experience to not only perform for the other groups but see the other groups perform as well. It’s always fun to catch up with members of other groups and hear about what they’ve been up to.”

Sophomore Alex Greene, an a cappella newcomer in the Mantiphondrakes, said, “I did not attend last year because I wasn’t in the group, but last night was amazing, great vibes. My favorite song was ‘Take Me to Church’ because it’s a great song all around, and the soloist was amazing. I’d love to shout my friend Beck’s performance of ‘What You Know,’ dude went off.”

Ian Stimson, another sophomore a cappella performer, described why he decided to join a cappella and his group and what it felt like on stage.

“I joined the Colgate Resolutions because of the amazing musical talent and because of the familial vibes and vibrant energy. Our preparation consisted of practicing our set list and having fun. My favorite arrangement was ‘Back To Black’ sung by Rachella Carlino and originally composed by Amy Winehouse. It was an awesome experience and singing with this group is super rewarding.”

Many of the people who commented off-hand about their experiences at the event remarked how surprised they were to be so entertained. The atmosphere was quite euphoric. The Palace Theater served root beer floats free of charge, much to the delight of attendees. Some of the student band members even felt comfortable enough to talk and make jokes to the crowd. The exuberant Colgate and Hamiltonian audience responded with cheers and calls to people performing. It certainly was an exceedingly thrilling experience and a true artistic performance and left the audience looking forward to future installments of this annual event.