13 Beats: Songs to Get You Through a Tuesday

For readers of The Colgate Maroon-News, it may not be obvious how much work goes into creating each edition. From writing to editing to troubleshooting technical issues, the editorial staff of The Maroon spends its Tuesdays in a small office very few people know exists, creating the weekly newspaper you are reading now. In order to make it through those late nights and late-breaking stories, here are 13 songs we relied on to help us get the job done. Whether you’re battling a final exam or a job application, this playlist is sure to keep your spirits high and motivation up.

1. Touch of Grey – Grateful Dead

If you’re looking for a song to lift your spirits, “Touch of Grey” is sure to do just that. A classic in the Grateful Dead’s repertoire, this tune consists of an upbeat melody and fast-paced percussion and guitar throughout its entire 5 minutes and 50 seconds. While some debate the message behind the song, to us at The Colgate Maroon-News, the lyrics are uplifting and energizing. With the repeating refrains of “I will get by” and “it’s alright,” listeners are left with the confidence to get through a tough day.

2. Pull it Together — The Greeting Committee

“I’m gonna pull it together,” the indie rock band sings in what is an obvious anthem for a newspaper staff trying to get a paper to print. But instead of encouraging feelings of stress or doom, The Greeting Committee’s upbeat track is remarkably encouraging. The only problem is you might want to get up and dance instead of sit down and work. 

3. Wait a Minute — WILLOW

“Wait a minute, I think I left my consciousness in the sixth dimension,” Willow Smith sings in this catchy, neo-funk song. You might fail to dissect a clear meaning from this song, but it is still an energizing tune that is perfect to vibe to. Smith’s vocal delivery is quite unique; she doesn’t quite sing but doesn’t totally yell the words either. Sit back and enjoy a tour through Willow Smith’s complex musical brain. 

4. Liz — Remi Wolf

Here’s a secret: the go-to playlist of The Maroon-News editorial staff is Spotify’s Remi Wolf Radio. It’s the perfect mix of familiar songs, upbeat tempos and smooth listening. Wolf can probably thank the weekly production of The Colgate Maroon-News for a significant number of her Spotify plays. “Liz” is one of our favorites. It has a calm rhythm, but interjections of Wolf’s adventurous vocal keep it interesting — the perfect soundtrack to a long day in the office or library.

5. Rocky – Still Woozy

If you don’t know Still Woozy, you’re missing out. Listening to music by Still Woozy seems to transport listeners to a beach, dozing off without a care in the world – certainly, the energy needed to get through a tough night in the office. “Rocky” is no exception. The genre-bending sound of Still Woozy is relaxing yet fun, with rhythmic guitar and drums alongside some electronic grooviness. If you’re looking for a song to take the edge off, this is the one for you.

6. Photo ID – Remi Wolf (with Dominic Fike)

The uplifting and quick-paced song “Photo ID” by Remi Wolf and Dominic Fike is reminiscent of a sunny day filled with friends and chaotic dancing. Right from the beginning of the song which features Wolf’s high-pitched singing with Fike’s lighthearted laughs over a gentle but energetic guitar, you will be engrossed in the summery, exciting feeling of this song. 

7. Clocks – Rhythms del Mundo Remix

A play on Coldplay’s “Clocks,” this Rhythms Del Mundo track will catch you off guard with its upbeat, dance energy. Just by changing the piano slightly and adding some guitar and trumpet, Rhythms Del Mundo changes the vibe entirely, turning “Clocks” into a fun, lively tune to get the office energized. 

8. Only the Good Die Young – Billy Joel

One of “Billy the Kid’s” biggest tunes off his most celebrated album is one of those songs that you just want to sing along and dance to. The classic drum fill to kick the track off, the rebellious lyrics and that iconic saxophone solo all culminate to form a song perfect for staying upbeat during layout.

9. A Day in the Life – The Beatles

“I read the news today, oh boy,” may just be the perfect description of a Tuesday for us here at the Maroon-News. The Lennon-McCartney classic features lyrics of daily routine, major melodic shifts, and those blaring, crazy moments of crescendo that saw the Beatles reach artistic heights unfathomable in the world of rock music at the time.

10. Little Lies – Fleetwood Mac

The ethereal intro to “Little Lies” by Fleetwood Mac opens this groovy song in classic Stevie Nicks fashion. Transporting listeners into a hopeful yet sad story about longing for a lost love, Nicks sings to the subject of the song in a powerful tone, accompanied by delicate female voices that add to the dream-like nature of the song.

11. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

The iconic drumbeat that kicks off this classic Fleetwood Mac tune will never fail to put a smile on our faces – or to get our heads bouncing to the slow but groovy beat of “Dreams.” Stevie Nicks’ dreamy voice (no pun intended) flows over the steady drum-heavy song in a way that feels truly like a dream. The lyrics “thunder only happens when it’s raining / players only love you when they’re playing” evokes sad yet hopeful emotions from listeners as they move through the reflective song. It is no wonder that “Dreams” is one of the band’s greatest hits.

12. Althea – Grateful Dead

“Althea” is perhaps the Dead’s grooviest tune and has stood the test of time as a Deadhead favorite. Robert Hunter’s lyrics are profound, and yet, the true meaning of the story they tell has been debated for decades. Nevertheless, if Tuesdays find you “feeling lost” and “lackin’ in some direction,” bob your head to Jerry Garcia’s signature guitar sound on this disco-dead classic.

13. Saturday in the Park – Chicago

A long Tuesday in the office can sometimes be a bit grueling, but this uplifting Chicago hit, filled with happy images and euphoric horns, can make every Tuesday feel like “the fourth of July.” Creating the newspaper every week is all about staying positive and energized, and this song is perfect for just that.