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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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First-Year Orientation Presentations Highlight Essential Campus Resources

Colgate University

For first-years, the first few days on Colgate University’s campus are packed with ice-breakers and campus tours. However, perhaps one of the most valuable, and often overlooked, introductions first-years receive during orientation is the one to Colgate’s resources and organizations.

Junior Ruby Macfarlane, a Haven Ambassador, introduced first-years to sexual violence resources at Colgate through Haven’s “A Community Responsibility: Ending Sexual Assault at Colgate” presentation.

“The purpose of the presentation is to inform incoming students about the unfortunate reality of sexual assault on college campuses,” Macfarlane said. “Colgate, like all college campuses, struggles with the reality that assault occurs here. First-year and second-year students are in the Red Zone, which means they are more likely to experience sexual assault, so it’s especially important we cover these topics with them. We go over material ranging from consent to how to support a survivor to help prepare incoming students for potential issues they may encounter.”

First-year Dev Sethi gained a sense of security from Haven’s presentation as he begins his time at Colgate.

“I find it comforting that everyone is aware and is ready to help to make the community safer,” Sethi said. “The presentation really opened my eyes to understanding consent and supporting survivors.”

The Shaw Wellness Institute gave a presentation to first-year students titled “Finding Your Balance.” Bearing in mind Colgate’s rigorous academics, the presentation aimed to teach the importance of taking time for yourself and establishing stress relief strategies.

Sethi explained that he appreciated this presentation because it made him feel that Colgate’s administration understands the pressure first-year students are under as they go through this tough transition.

“I took away an important idea from ‘Finding Your Balance’ about self-care and a good work/life balance,” Sethi said. “These are important aspects of life in general and managing stress is key to being successful.”

First-year students also received the opportunity to hear from a panel of current students about the clubs and activities offered at Colgate in the presentation, “Yourself at Colgate.”

“I loved having the opportunity to participate in a panel called ‘Yourself At Colgate,’”  junior and Link Leader Katie Maratea said. “It allowed me to share the various organizations that I have gotten involved with that have made Colgate home.”

As an observer, Sethi explained that he found the panel very informative, appreciating the importance placed on finding your own identity as a Colgate student.

“‘Yourself at Colgate’ taught me to find who I am at college and to make a name for myself,” Sethi explained. “I have so many opportunities here and am very grateful for them. That panel presentation taught me how to navigate around campus to build a better bond with my community.”

Fellow first-year Zach O’Donnell agreed that “Yourself at Colgate” was a valuable resource, citing the advice given by current students as particularly beneficial.

“It was great to hear from current students about their experiences with different on-campus organizations and other smaller things like time management and socialization tips,” O’Donnell said.

Overall, O’Donnell appreciated the advice and resources offered by the presentations given to first-year students during orientation.

“The orientation presentations were very nice to take in right as we got here,” O’Donnell explained. “I feel like I can take the tips I need, like those for joining clubs and being safe with me, and it was nice to see a bunch of things about what our life would be like here.”

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Reade Fenner, Assistant Baker's Dozen Editor
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