Colgate Thirteen and Swinging Gates Sing to Families


The all-female Gates packed a punch with their impressive collection of songs.

Last Friday, October 30, Colgate’s all-male and all-female a cappella groups, the Colgate Thirteen and the Swinging Gates, put on a great show for both students and their families.

The Swinging Gate opened the show, singing seven songs for the audience.  Two of these songs were sung as a group, while five songs featured solo singers.  These soloists included senior Hannah Goldstein, who sang John Legend’s “Ordinary People,  senior Julia Shaffer, who sang Sting’s “Why Should I Cry for You?,” senior Meredith Clark, who sang Ryn Weaver’s “OctaHate,” senior Sarah Wheeler, who sang Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” and senior Cara Catalane, who sang Alicia Keys’ “Fallin.”

“[The Swinging Gates] put on an amazing performance.  I was so impressed by this group.  This was far and away the best performance I’ve seen by the Swinging Gates since I’ve been at Colgate.  I was especially wowed by the Fallin’ solo,” junior Megan Klebanoff said.

After the Swinging Gates’ performance, the Colgate Thirteen came on stage to sing ten songs, nine of which were solos and one of which was sung by the whole group.  While every age from first-years to seniors performed with the Swinging Gates, the Colgate Thirteen demonstrated the talent from their junior and senior classes, aside from one sophomore.

All of the soloists were incredible, including senior Alex Drakos singing a mash-up of “People Get Ready” and “Waiting on the World to Change,” senior Ben Newman singing “I Won’t Give Up,” senior Charles Polk III singing “All of Me,” senior Sean Maguire singing “St. Louis Blues,” senior Tim O’Brien singing “Hey That’s No Way to Say Goodbye,” senior Brett Christensen singing “Feeling Good,” senior Daniel Foussard singing “Budapest,” senior Casey Konys singing “Fine By Me” and senior Warren Dennis singing “The More I See You.”

In addition to the musical performances, the first-years and newest additions to the Colgate Thirteen entertained the crowd with a skit.  They recreated and revised the story of the founding of Colgate, hitting all the bases from poking fun at former President Herbst to referencing the Jug and Slices and the role these places played in leaving the thirteen founders with only thirteen dollars.  Overall the skit was immensely entertaining, drawing many laughs from the crowd.

In a later musical intermission, the first-years were formally inducted into the group by receiving their very own maroon Colgate Thirteen jacket from a senior and, in one case, from a father and former Colgate Thirteen member.

“I really loved The Colgate Thirteen’s performances.  All of the soloists were absolutely incredible and the range of pieces that they sang kept me thoroughly entertained.  I also thought the freshmen did a really great job with the skit, making it entertaining and relatable for the whole crowd,” junior Katrina Stevenson said.

The Swinging Gates and Colgate Thirteen demonstrated all of their talent and hard work last Friday, giving a performance that was a true privilege to experience.