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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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University Changes Physical Education Requirements, Adds Credit Opportunitues

Emma McCartan

This summer, Colgate University changed the Physical Education component of its General Education requirements to simplify the process of earning the credits necessary for graduation. This change includes the introduction of the PHED 000 course, for which all incoming first-years are registered.

“Students intending to earn credit toward the Physical Education requirement must be registered for PHED 000 to be eligible for credit,” the Colgate Office of the Registrar wrote in an Aug. 24 email. “The next step is to sign up for individual PHED units through the P.E. course selection process, which will be available after the Drop/Add period.”

Director of Recreation, CJ Molina, discussed how and why Physical Education requirements were changed. 

“There were minor changes made to P.E. They were all made with the thought that it was a simpler process for all involved,” Molina said, noting that this included students as well as faculty and staff. “We have a holistic wellness approach to P.E., where many things outside of the traditional ‘P.E’ offering would be eligible for the credit. Entities on campus like Haven, ALANA and Outdoor Education all have classes offered that would account towards the P.E. requirement. Many of these changes were made during this past summer and apply to everyone involved. From the student standpoint, it made the process more streamlined and on par with other academic requirements on campus.” 

Students are still strongly encouraged to complete their requirements by sophomore year, but the process has been streamlined for first-years in addition to transfers. Molina discussed new P.E. classes and opportunities for students to receive credits. 

“Students can receive a P.E. credit through classes offered from a multitude of entities on campus as well as virtual offerings. We have many new classes like Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX), Functional Fitness (Strength Training), Beginner’s Tennis, Learn To Skate, Juggling and much more. Students can also receive a PE credit if they are a varsity sports athlete or if participating with a club on campus,” Molina said. 

The new changes also marked the discontinuation of the Wellness Passport. The Wellness Passport was a system through which students could mark their attendance for physical activities on GetInvolved. 

Our desire is to create more P.E. opportunities with instruction for better experience and mirror other academic opportunities. While the Wellness Passport created some attractive flexibility, it was felt that we could offer a better educational experience returning to traditional P.E. courses,” the Colgate Physical Education Department wrote on its web page.

With the introduction of PHED 000, students have the option to fulfill their Physical Education requirements by participating in Colgate-sponsored club sports for 15 hours in one semester. Junior Surya Balaji, co-captain of the club soccer team, spoke about the Physical Education changes.

I think club sports have always been a great way to give students credit for activities they’re already engaged in. By the time I graduate, club soccer would have fulfilled all of my P.E. requirements,” Balaji said. 

Balaji explained how students wishing to earn P.E. credits can sign up for club sports.  

“At the end of Drop/Add, they’ll receive an email survey asking them to select which club sport they want to receive credit from. This simplifies the process from previous years in which you would have to record every separate instance in which you participated in a club sporting event via an online form,” Balaji said. 

According to Molina, these changes should benefit students and allow them to receive Physical Education credits through various avenues. 

“The P.E. requirement has always been an aspect of the curriculum here as far as my knowledge goes. Again, we have a holistic wellness model for P.E. here and our goal is to make P.E. as inclusive as possible, covering at least one aspect of the eight dimensions of wellness. This allows us to make P.E. more than just the traditional [physical education] classes,” Molina said. 

Students who have questions about Colgate’s Physical Education requirements can reach out to CJ Molina, the director of Recreation and Physical Education at [email protected], as well as the Physical Education department at [email protected]

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Emma McCartan
Emma McCartan, Assistant News Editor
Emma McCartan is a sophomore from Guilford, CT majoring in international relations with a minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic studies. She has previously served as a staff writer for the News section. On campus, Emma is involved in Model United Nations.

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