In the Light: Sale Rhodes

Sale Rhodes

Sale Rhodes

Carolyn Doyle, Maroon-News Staff

Senior Sale Rhodes is a double concentration in Biology and Environmental Studies. With so many opportunities at Colgate, Rhodes has been able to devote her time on campus to pursuing her interests. 

Outside of the classroom, Rhodes is an intern in the Office of Sustainability and worked with the Environmental Sustainability Team at the Monsanto Headquarters in St. Louis, Mo. Through cooperation with environmental agencies and NGOs, she focused on devising incentives for businesses to

become involved in sustainability efforts. 

“It was fascinating to learn so much about how businesses are motivated, the way incentives are used and how success can be measured in such a variation of ways, from effective communication to actual sequestration of greenhouse gases,” Rhodes said. 

Rhodes has studied abroad twice. The summer after her first year at Colgate, she was an intern at Sanergy, a social enterprise, in Nairobi, Kenya. Sanergy has worked to find a way to use human waste for biofuel and fertilizer in poor urban districts. 

“It was a great way for me to learn about the interaction between human health and renewable energy, as well as the incredible potential for so many stigmatized waste products to be repurposed and reused,” Rhodes said. 

In addition, last spring Rhodes participated in the Comparative Politics of Climate Change, a special study abroad program in which she traveled to Vietnam, Morocco and Bolivia, analyzing the environmental and political threats to each country. 

Aside from travel and academics, Rhodes is involved in a multitude of activities on campus. She is a member of the Equestrian Team, the Ultimate Frisbee Team and Kappa Kappa

Gamma Sorority. 

Upon graduation, Rhodes will go on to graduate school, where she will further pursue her interest in sustainability management. In the future, she hopes to be involved in helping different demographics make beneficial sustainable choices. One of the things Rhodes has found most valuable about being a Colgate student is her ability to both do and be everything she wants. She has been able to explore all of her interests and passions in ways that have been as rewarding as they have been fun. As to what she’ll miss the most after graduation, Rhodes immediately knew the answer.

 “It’ll be really tough to leave here knowing I will likely never live within a half mile of all my favorite people again,” Rhodes said. “Luckily we all still have eight months to dance, explore, inspire each other and eat ourselves sick.”