The Colgate Man’s Guide to Choosing Stand-Out Shirts


 These autumn weather essentials will help you to stand out around campus this year.

Shirts are the most noticeable element of an outfit and can make or break your overall look. For guys, the most crucial way to make a statement is to choose the proper shirt. I’m not talking about plain white t-shirts, but rather button downs with interesting patterns and graphics that demand attention.

 When choosing colors for the fall, go for darks like navy-blue, gray, black and forest green. Cut and fit are both very important when it comes to choosing a shirt as well. Too many times have I seen guys at Colgate wearing baggy shirts that don’t complement their frames. I recommend picking a relaxed slim-fit for button downs and a roomier fit for flannels. Unique shirts with a good fit will definitely give you that “wow factor” that I know you all want. 

I have selected a few pieces specifically for my fellow Colgate men that will turn some heads on Broad Street, the Quad, Frank or wherever your own personal runway may be.  

My first pick is the “Crosby Gestural Print Shirt” from my favorite brand, Saturdays Surf. This shirt’s print is inspired by the Abstract Expressionist art movement that flourished in New York City in the 1940’s. Saturdays is a New York-based brand blending urban and surfer cultures through their collection of clothing, shoes, accessories, magazines and art. Their clothes fit tall frames very well and many of their pieces are art-inspired. 

My second pick is the “Santa Fe Fleece” from Gitman Vintage. The unconventional color scheme and cozy fit make it perfect for the cold weather that we will be experiencing soon. The Native American motifs incorporated into the modern pattern make this shirt intriguing to say the least

My third pick is the “Printed Short-Sleeve Shirt” from J. Crew Factory. Its tantalizing paisley print makes it stand out from any other boring short-sleeve button down. This shirt would be perfect to wear to class on a warmer day or a night out, as it would go well with a relaxed look. 

Be diligent when choosing shirts, as the right one can really make an outfit great. When it comes to fashion, risk-taking is key to formulating awesome style. I hope to see some unique shirts on campus this fall! Stay cool, Colgate.