Kick it to the Curb: Fall Boots


Frye’s Diana Cut Stud Tall Boot continues the modern blend of the classic and edgy take on the Cowboy boot. 

For the ladies, a pair of adaptable, stylish fall boots is key to creating a well-rounded look. Boots don’t have to be lacking in the style department to be versatile, however. 

These perfect boots should be wearable to class or to the library and also on a night out. While an all-purpose boot is definitely ideal, I also realize that certain boots work best for certain occasions. 

Be discerning when picking out the perfect pair. The color and details of your fall boots can make your outfit either awesome or gruesome. The most popular colors for fall boots are olive green, forest green, chocolate brown, tan and navy blue. Some cool boot trends to look into are ankle booties, fringe details and slip-ons. Experiment with these trends and don’t be afraid to add your own personal touch. 

I’ve picked out three different pairs of boots to meet all of your footwear needs this fall at Colgate. First up are the Dolce Vita “Haku” Booties from Anthroplogie. Clearly very trendy for this season, these fall booties have a unique contour and look very lux in navy suede. They’re decidedly the most versatile boots I’ve seen so far as they can easily be paired with a dress, skirt, leggings or jeans. 

My second pick is the “Flora” Slip-On Boot from my all-time favorite footwear brand, Dr. Martens. These understated patent leather slip-ons have punky flair and are perfect if you’re going for an edgier look. I’d recommend pairing slip-ons with dark-wash or black jeans. 

My third choice for fall boots is the “Diana” Cut Stud Tall Boot from Frye. These boots have a low heel, so it’ll be easy to make it up and down the hill without tripping and wiping out on the Persson steps. Frye has definitely taken the basic and boring combat boot concept and added their own Western twist. I highly recommend these for everyday wear with just about any type of pants. 

Hopefully the three examples I’ve provided you with inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Stay cool, Colgate.