In the Light: Leah Robinson

Leah Robinson

Leah Robinson

Senior Leah Robinson has taken advantage of many academic opportunities, explored different parts of the world and given back to the community throughout her time at Colgate.

On campus, Robinson is a student facilitator of Yes Means Yes, a vice president of the Israel Club and a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma. She is also an intern at the Shaw Wellness Center. She is an English concentrator with a minor in Film and Media Studies.

As a sophomore, Robinson was in the inaugural class of the Sophomore Residential Seminar Program (SRS). Through SRS, Robinson learned about existentialism and travelled with her professor and peers to Paris.

“I think the combination of the people in my class and the professor [Dudrick] and the subject matter made it so great. It was pretty mind-blowing to be learning about Sartre and then be standing at his grave,” Robinson said.

Robinson highlights SRS as one of the most important things she did at Colgate.

“I got to spend time with a diverse group of students. This was one of the first times during college that I realized that you learn as much from your peers in college as you do from your professors,” Robinson said. 

In addition to her regular classes, Robinson is involved with Yes Means Yes, a non-credit bearing course offered at Colgate. Robinson is a student facilitator for the class – which discusses sexuality in all shapes and forms.

Another important experience Robinson had was her summer internship on campus.

“I spent one summer at Colgate as the intern for the English department’s Living Writers program. I was so honored…to be advised by so many professors and faculty members,” Robinson said.

Beyond Colgate, Robinson is still deciding what she wants to do. At this point, she is eager to travel before settling down in one place for a job.

Reflecting on her time at Colgate, Robinson advises first-years to take classes in different subject areas, because you never know what may peak your interest.

“I spent a lot of time at Colgate worrying about my performance in class. What grade was I getting? How good were my test scores? I now realize how little I retained from the classes where I was most focused on the end result. Now, I take less notes in class and try to soak up more during the actual class period… College might be the last time you are ever sitting in a classroom, so taking classes that will help you become a better, more thoughtful and aware person are so important,” Robinson said.