Rock and Roll Cosmic Light Show Lights up the Ho Visualization Lab

The Ho Visualization Lab’s Cosmic Light Show provided all attendees with a unique musical experience.

The Ho Visualization Lab’s Cosmic Light Show provided all attendees with a unique musical experience.

The entertaining and highly creative “Rock ‘n Roll: Cosmic Light Show” took place at the Ho Tung Visualization Lab in the Ho Science Center on Friday, August 28. The show opened with a five minute presentation of images of the Visualization Lab. After this, the music began and so did the vibrant, dynamic visualizations. The hour long show featured a wide range of music from the ‘60s through the ‘90s that played in congruence to rapidly changing visual displays projected on the dome screen above viewers’ heads. Most of the music played was upbeat and complemented the images displayed. The artists that were featured included Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Midnight Oil, Rush, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Metallica and U2. 

Although some of the visuals that accompanied certain songs seemed random, they still contributed greatly to the palpable energy of the room. Many of the visuals represented parts of the lyrics of the songs that were playing. For example, while the U2 song “Where the Streets Have No Name” was playing, images of roads and streets were brilliantly displayed. Other notable songs were “Another Brick in the Wall,” “Purple Haze” and “Good Times Bad Times.” 

Some of the visuals almost appeared as if they were growing out toward the viewer. At one point in the show, an audible gasp could be heard as it seemed like the swirling shapes on the screen were rapidly spinning closer to the audience.  The dome screen conveyed busy patterns with many moving parts, laser-like beams of color and swirling spheres and shapes. This made for a beautiful and engaging panorama of images.

The audience consisted of a multitude of age groups including Colgate students and nearby Hamilton residents. The variety of the audience demonstrated the universal nature of the show. Regardless of age, anyone could enjoy and appreciate it. Even if one was not familiar with the songs being played, it was still a fun and absorbing experience. 

“It was quirky. The music was nostalgia to my soul,” first-year John Bennett said. Some were familiar with the songs being played and even hummed along. Others appreciated its energy and the unique visual designs that

accompanied it. 

“I thought that the visual depiction of the music was breathtaking and immensely delightful,” first-year Erin Hoffman said. 

The Rock ‘n Roll Cosmic Light Show offered no admission charge for both Colgate students and the public. There will be another version of this light show featuring a new collection of songs available soon. 

If you are looking for something interesting and exciting to do in your free time, consider attending a production offered by the Ho Tung Visualization Laboratory. There is definitely a show for everyone.The Visualization Lab hosts a multitude of different events and productions throughout the year, including shows specifically designed for visiting school groups. Colgate Students who work in the lab contribute their own creativity and can create their own productions.