Mantiphondrake’s Bring Undeniable Chemistry

The Mantiphondrakes, one of Colgate’s numerous a cappella groups, held a Spring concert on Saturday night in the Colgate Memorial Chapel. 

16 members were present for the concert, each bearing a single flower. The group sang numerous and diverse songs spanning time periods and styles. The night started off slow with a Gregorian chant-like thrumg, setting a somber mood. 

Up next in the line-up, “Sweet Disposition” fulfilled the audience’s desire for throwback songs. First-year Mark Maggiore proved to be a more than competent beatboxer. There were few guidelines to how members picked what they sang. 

“Honestly, the way we voted, it was just like picking your favorite songs,” senior Alex Pandolfo said. “We like to do a really diverse range of songs. We open with something really slow and close with something really fast.”

First-year Michael DiGiorgio continued the upbeat trend with his lead in Maroon 5’s “She Will Be Loved.” The Mantiphondrakes were all having fun just being there and getting the opportunity to perform. 

The Mantiphondrakes put much preparation into these performances. 

“Lot’s of practice, especially this last week leading up to the performance,” Pandolfo said. “Sometimes we have workshops to work on a specific song, but mostly it’s just being there, rehearsing and making sure that we’re tight as a group.” 

Sophomore Gian Sepulveda lead a wonderful rendition of Mumford and Sons “White Blank Page.” 

“What we’re about is just having fun and being diverse,” Pandolfo said. “We really want to show people a good time. As much as we want to sound good, it’s more important to make the concert something that people will enjoy.” 

Perhaps the most inspiring part of the concert was the background dancing of the group as a whole. Each member seemed to represent a different style and the commonality was that a cappella had brought them all together. 

Just when the concert seemed to end with a medley of “Clarity” by Zedd, “Glowing” by Williams and “Alive” by Kerwella, the audience demanded another song. A chant rose, “One more song,” and the Mantiphondrakes appeased the audience. Junior Chimebere Nwaoduh walked to center stage and began leading “Back Here” by BBMak. The well rehearsed unity of the group was evident in their strong finish.