Strangers of Colgate: Ali Alawi ’17

Strangers of Colgate: Ali Alawi ’17

What are you doing on the floor of Chapel House?

“I was writing my essay, but I had a short existential crisis. I’ve been recently doubting what I’m doing here at Colgate, especially me as a English major. Not in terms of a professional sense, but its capacity to sort of make me grow as a person. I guess I can say that I articulate myself better than before, and I feel like every student here goes through some sort of existential crisis. Am I babbling right now?”

Will you be changing your major now?

“I think I’ve been trying to experiment with too many

majors … so I don’t know.”

Aside from worrying about your major, what would you do if you won $10million?

“For some reason I would like to travel to Iceland. Silly reason. Just because of this music video Holocene by Bon Iver. It’s one of my favorite songs.”

Can you sing me your favorite line?

“And [at] once I knew I [was] not magnificent … something

like that.”

Any last words you want to say?

“We have three weeks left. I hope all of us get through finals safely, and I hope it ends asap. I really need summer.”