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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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A Senior’s Colgate-Inspired ‘Ins and Outs’ of 2024

Around New Year’s, you might have seen “ins and outs” lists blowing up online. Everyone from influencers to the Washington Post were posting their own take on what is hot or not in 2024. While New Year’s might be out, it is clear that in-and-out lists are in, so here is mine for Colgate University in 2024.

Let’s start with the ins:

Using your ’Gate Cash downtown: It is every so often that I remember my ’Gate Cash exists, and when I do, I often don’t think about the best way to use it. But it has been life changing to realize just how many businesses take ’Gate Cash. The fact that my almost-weekly Saturday lunch at Fojo Beans can now be taken care of by my ’Gate Cash makes it much easier to justify. I was shocked when I read the full list of businesses that take ’Gate Cash, which can be found on the Colgate website

Live Music: Between last Friday’s concert with Hotline TNT at the Palace Theater and Colgate University’s own Floating Shirt student band, live music is definitely in. Despite the cold weather outside limiting the venue opportunities, live music still tends to draw large crowds. I do hate to say that I am not too certain when Floating Shirt will be performing next, considering that a majority of their key members are now studying abroad for the semester.

Vintage Colgate Merch: This is the take that I am most passionate about. I hate wearing the exact same clothes as everybody else. So rather than buying another sweatshirt from The Colgate University Bookstore, I searched through Depop, Poshmark and eBay to find my next Colgate merch. I get many compliments on my Colgate sweatshirt despite its fraying edges, as it’s something people haven’t seen before. It’s also more sustainable than buying new items, and older clothing is often better quality. It’s for these reasons that vintage clothing is in.

Unique study spots: At the end of each semester, it feels like a common experience to spend all of your time in Case-Geyer Library. My friends and I pack snacks and plan on spending hours on end at the library during finals season. So, now that it’s the beginning of a new semester and there hasn’t been enough time yet to acquire work, Case-Geyer is out. It is tainted from the finals week grind, and there is no need to be in there this early in the semester. Therefore, I am in favor of exploring some more unique study spots. Doing work downtown at Hamilton Whole Foods or in Flour & Salt allows you to get more distance from the hill and a bit more private space. Additionally, The Hamilton Public Library is located right near the Colgate Inn and does not possess the intense academic vibes associated with some of the buildings up the hill.

The Jug? For those who aren’t friends with John Koen, or John Jug, on Snapchat, he has been active on his story in the past weeks. While nothing is clear from the cryptic posts advertising new hours, it’s the most we’ve seen from him in a while, and I’ll take it as a good sign. 

Now, for the rest — the outs:

Uggs: I had to include at least one objectively hot take. I have loved my Uggs, but they’ve been retired. Since coming back to campus, the ground is perpetually icy, snowy, wet or muddy. I think it’s a bit ridiculous for boots that cost so much to not be able to withstand this type of winter weather. Reserve them for your dorm shoes and to keep warm, but I think people have no business walking around this campus in Uggs these days.

Dunkin’: While this might be a hot take as well, if you frequent the Hamilton Dunkin’, you know that they are constantly out of at least one thing you are looking to order. The amount of time that it takes to get my order — along with the price — no longer makes Dunkin’ worth it to me. The drive-thru line backs up into the street most mornings, not to mention the waste created by the single use plastic cups, lids and straws. Byrne Dairy right across the street has a variety of different flavored coffees, and they even run a special on Tuesdays where it’s free if you own their reusable mugs. This alternative to Dunkin’ just makes more sense to me and is highly slept on. 

The Brewery: I hate to say this, and I wish I wasn’t, but it seems to me that Good Nature Brewery is out — for now. Since we’ve been back on campus for the Spring semester, they’ve been closed for renovations, which supposedly will be done before the end of the semester. Selfishly, as a senior, I am sad to be missing out on taproom Tuesdays, a beloved weekly event, and for Hamilton to lose one of its already limited food establishment options, it is nothing but a disappointment. We can be hopeful for a reopening soon, as the Brewery is best enjoyed outside in better weather.

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Caroline Michaud
Caroline Michaud, Sports Editor
Caroline Michaud is a senior from Lexington, MA concentrating in political science and religion. She has previously served as a staff writer for the Sports section. On campus, Caroline is involved in a Greek letter organization.

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    CarolineMichaudLover13Feb 9, 2024 at 7:42 pm

    Heard taproom Tuesday is moving to BarBar…. 2024 ins: TT downtown