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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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Yuka & Xavier: A Chemically Bonded Love Story

Yuka Aoyama

There are many myths and legends that surround the topic of couples at Colgate University. From having your first kiss on Willow Path to tying the knot in the Colgate Memorial Chapel, several couples have embarked on a journey of love and found their special match on their way to class. Seniors Yuka Aoyama and Xavier (Xav) Lacoste are two students who have been able to experience a relationship during their time at Colgate. 

“We first met in BIOL 181 PLTL [Peer Led Team Learning] our sophomore year,” Aoyama said. “We became really good friends when we were organic chemistry lab partners and started dating that semester. We’ve been together for almost two years.” 

While the couple was working on their chemistry lab, a different type of chemistry was undeniably cultivating between them. A classroom crush grew into a meaningful relationship where both partners appreciate one another and their unique qualities. 

“My favorite thing about [Aoyama] is her sense of compassion for others,” Lacoste said. “She’s an inherently kind person and makes everyone around her feel cared for.”

“My favorite thing about [Lacoste] is his lightheartedness and sense of humor that always lightens the mood,” Aoyama said. 

While at Colgate they are at most only a quick 15-minute walk away from each other, at home the couple have a 12-hour plane ride between them and have adjusted to a long distance relationship over school breaks. The two have grown their relationship over the years while traveling together, learning about each other’s background and creating cherished memories.  

“My favorite trips were when we visited each other’s homes. I’m from Quebec City, Canada, and [Aoyama] is from Honolulu, Hawaii,” Lacoste said. “Coming from such different places, it was really meaningful for us to learn more about where we came from and meet the important people in our lives.” 

Being in a relationship at Colgate comes with a few challenges, as couples must work to balance the rigorous academics and extracurriculars, all while spending quality time with their friends and significant others. Aoyama and Lacoste have experience with working through some of these common issues while continuing to strengthen their relationship. 

“We like to see conflict as an opportunity to grow closer and build a stronger relationship. We learned what’s best for us through our own experiences together, which benefited our communication and understanding of each other,” Lacoste said. 

With Valentine’s Day approaching, the couple shared their favorite date night activities. 

“[We] love trying new foods, so going out to eat is always a go-to for date night. For Valentine’s Day, we’re going to cook new recipes for each other,” Aoyama said. 

As seniors, they have begun to reflect on their experience being together for half of their time at Colgate and what this has meant for their relationship and the future. 

“Colgate puts us in an environment in which we can support and motivate each other for our various endeavors,” Lacoste said.  “As an aspiring dentist and doctor, we are excited for each other’s next steps after graduation. We love being here at Colgate, but we also look forward to pursuing our careers in the next chapter of our lives.”

Nestled between the Chenango Valley, Colgate provides a beautiful landscape for supportive and caring relationships. While Aoyama and Lacoste are not the first couple to meet up the hill, they will forever have a unique relationship due to the special nature of Colgate. With Valentine’s Day approaching, the Maroon-News encourages all students, single or in a relationship, to spend time with close friends and loved ones. 

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Mehek Singh is a senior from Baltimore, MD concentrating in international relations and minoring in global public and environmental health. She has previously served as an Assistant News Editor and staff writer for the News section. On campus, Mehek is a peer consultant in the Writing and Speaking Center, and is also involved in Class Council, Link Staff, and the Benton Scholars.

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