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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Colgate Resolutions Take the Stage at Flour & Salt

Olivia Miller

Colgate University a cappella group the Colgate Resolutions (Resos) performed for the Hamilton community at Flour & Salt on Friday, Feb. 9, in support of the Community Action Plan, Inc. (CAP) of Madison County.

Established in 1986, CAP is an organization that provides resources and education for lower-income families in the county in order to help residents reach self-sufficiency. CAP works alongside local communities including schools, churches and nonprofits to fulfill the needs of residents. CAP’s mission statement is shared on their website, and all proceeds from the Resolutions’ concert went towards funding for CAP.

Senior Raashi Jain, the president of the Resos, detailed some of the effort that went into organizing the event. The group spent weeks preparing music, promoting the concert on social media and raising awareness for the charity which they all voted to select. She also noted how the owner of Flour & Salt — alumna Britty OConnor 12 — was a member of the Resos herself, making the concert an especially important event every semester.

“It’s a great way for us to connect with a Reso alumna, and it’s also a great way for us to use our platform as singers — as a group of students who are passionate about music — to give back to our community,” Jain said.

Dressed in blue, cream and beige, the a cappella group sang a total of ten songs, spanning all different genres from rock to folk to soul. The original arrangements each featured a soloist on lead vocals, while the rest of the Resos supported the piece with their backing vocals. These solo spotlights were a great way to highlight the individuality of each singer and their unique talents. 

The acoustics in Flour & Salt truly added to the experience, as the singers’ voices echoed around the room. From the front row, the immersive feel was unbeatable. The ambience of the café complimented the mood of the show, with the brick walls and tile floors bathed in a soft yellow light. Every seat was full, and audience members crowded in the back to catch a glimpse of the stage. Colgate students and residents of Hamilton alike enjoyed the show.

First-year Amanda Ariunzaya admired the atmosphere of the performance.

“The venue had an intimate warm ambience,” Ariunzaya said. “The audience showed outpouring support after each song.”

The highlights of the concert included the all-encompassing vocals of first-year Leah Crebbin in “Surround Me” and the striking back-to-back performances of sophomore Sammy Perez and senior Arden Knapp in “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” and “Back to Black,” respectively. Crebbin used her soulful voice and impressive range to enchant the audience with a tagline that echoes in listeners’ minds days later.

First-year Erin Johnson, who attended the concert, felt that this piece reflected the talents of both Crebbin and the Resolutions as a group.

“My favorite song was definitely ‘Surround Me.’ The soloist, Leah [Crebbin], had such a strong voice and the harmonies that the background vocals added gave me chills at one point,” Johnson said. “I think this song definitely showcased the talent of this group and their ability to combine numerous elements to make a great rendition of this song.”

Perez proved to be a smooth, silky soloist with talent beyond words. The build-up to the chorus in “Natural Woman” was sensational. In attendance was sophomore Dilni Pathirana, who shared her favorite part of the show.

“My favorite song was definitely ‘Natural Woman,’” Pathirana said. “I thought the arrangement was beautiful and the soloist, Sammy Perez, did absolutely amazing.”

First-year Amanda Ariunzaya agreed with Pathirana’s sentiment.

“My jaw was on the floor during ‘A Natural Woman.’ Sammy [Perez] was made for that song,” Ariunzaya said. “Her riffs and vibrato were so effortless and beautiful. I loved how she matched the energy of the song.”

Knapp left us with goosebumps — her smooth low notes were chilling in the best way. The strong backing vocals accentuated the capabilities of the soloist rather than drowning her out.

First-year Grace Zhang noted that the arrangement of the song was effective. 

“The tone of her voice was very soulful,” Zhang said. “I really admired the energy they brought to ‘Back to Black’ and how they did the song justice.”

The Resolutions brought joy and a sense of community to Hamilton with their performance this weekend, representing and supporting the goals of CAP of Madison County. It was clear that all of the performers loved what they were doing, and that they felt connected to each other and to the audience. As they interacted with each other, dancing to their own music, the stage came alive. 

The Flour & Salt concert is a relatively new tradition for the Resos, but it will likely be one that sticks. It is a wonderful event that represents the best of the Colgate student body and their talents.

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