In the Light: Katie Cech


There comes a time in all of our lives when the four years of college draw to a close. Senior Katie Cech, a psychology concentration and women’s studies minor, weighed in on her significant times throughout her Colgate journey–her favorite moments, her major regrets, her advice for first-years and most importantly, how Colgate has shaped her overall.

 Cech is involved in a variety of activities on campus. Not only is Cech a member of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, but she also serves on the Broad Street Association, sits in on the Organizational Advisory Committee and is a member of DoRAK (Do Random Acts of Kindness). Although these clubs allowed for remarkable experiences, one experience stands out for Cech. 

“If I had to pick one, it would probably be Yes Means Yes,” Cech said. “That was such an amazing workshop in and of itself (#positivesexuality), but also to realize that Yes Means Yes was completely by and for students was really cool. I think we often forget amid the big buildings and prestigious departments how much we as students can do.” 

Another defining moment came when Cech was hired for a job post-graduation. 

“I had a moment where I realized through all the sh*t, all the long nights, all the ways in which I was pushed to be a better person here [at Colgate] in order to fight what I needed to fight – every single one of those battles made me as strong as I am now,” Cech said.

As far as regrets go, Cech explains that her biggest obstacle was getting over her fears. 

“I wish I had been able to overcome my fear of challenging myself sooner,” Cech said. “I was always so scared of things that pushed me, but I found throughout Colgate that the places where I am radically uncomfortable are the places I wanted to be because that’s where the real learning was happening.”

  Cech has three pieces of advice for her fellow Colgate peers: save all the books from any class you find interesting, choose classes based on professors and stop caring about what people think. Cech is also excited to graduate this spring.

“I have always been told I have an old soul so I am ready to be in the real world and get a puppy and go to bed at 10 PM every night,” Cech said. 

What will Cech miss about Colgate? 

“Easiest question of them all: Constantly being surrounded by people who challenge me.”