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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

The Colgate Architecture Club Constructs a Strong Foundation Together

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If you’re a student at Colgate University, then you’ve probably heard about the “Colgate Bubble”: the phenomenon of feeling like you’re living in a separate world while in Hamilton, N.Y. — one of insular, serene beauty. Every day, in addition to being surrounded by the picturesque views of the Chenango Valley, the architecture of Colgate’s buildings fosters intellectual and individual growth. Architecture is the reason why Colgates campus has been able to withstand frigid winters and scorching summers for hundreds of years.

Senior Carly Kleinberg currently serves as one of the co-presidents of Colgate’s Architecture Club. Kleinberg joined the club during her first year at Colgate, when the club met primarily over Zoom due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

“As a first-year, I had no idea what I wanted to do. This club made me realize that architecture combined my interests [in] math, physics, art, art history and even sociology, which was really amazing to see,” Kleinberg said. 

While studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, Kleinberg found a great community of students who were all interested in architecture and was inspired to revive this community upon her return to Colgate.

“I wanted to somehow bring that back to campus, and that’s why we restarted the club in Spring 2023,” Kleinberg said. 

Juniors Charlotte Winton and Maggie Manzella serve as co-vice presidents of the club. Manzella explained that she joined the club to prepare for her future. 

“I want to go to graduate school for architecture and there is such a small department at Colgate that I wanted to find more connections with other students and faculty,” Manzella said. “It has also been a great way to gain more knowledge about architecture and the process of applying to architecture school.” 

Winton echoed this sentiment, explaining that the club has broadened her understanding of the study of architecture.

“I came to Colgate knowing that I was interested in architecture, but never explored it in an academic environment. I was really excited to see that there was a club here,” Winton said. “It has been extremely helpful for me to learn more about how to build a portfolio and the necessary academic prerequisites to go to graduate school.”

Winton also emphasized the ways in which the club has helped shape her career goals.

“I [have] learned so much about how the architecture field looks as a career and it makes me feel much more confident about my career path,” Winton said.

Kleinberg explained that all club meetings are different and involve a variety of different architecture-related activities.  

“We do a lot of Legos days, which are so fun. In one of our recent meetings, we made a five-foot Eiffel Tower, and we have built the Colosseum and the Taj Mahal in the past,” Kleinberg said. “We also try to do presentations about graduate school requirements, classes you need to take and ways to build your portfolio.” 

Kleinberg described the broader benefits of being involved in the club, such as being able to form connections with Colgate alumni and other important figures, including University President Brian W. Casey.

“We also do a lot of Zoom meetings with [alumni] to build a solid network, specifically in the architecture field,” Kleinberg said. “Last semester, we had someone from the Syracuse University Architecture School and President Casey [give] us a presentation on the Third-Century Plan architecture plans,” Kleinberg said. 

Building a group of like-minded people is just as important as building a structurally sound building. The Architecture Club is a great way for students to come together over a common interest and learn more about how that interest is applied in the real world.

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