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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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FUSE Dance Company Integrates Contemporary Dance With Creation

FUSE Dance Company Integrates  Contemporary Dance With Creation
Colgate University

Within Colgate University’s vast array of teams and club sports lies a creative and expressive group of student-run organizations that focus on distinct styles of dance. The FUSE Dance Company is one of the cornerstones of the dance community at Colgate, which focuses mainly on contemporary styles of dance but incorporates as many styles as possible when needed to enhance their performances. To an outsider looking in, this organization may seem like just another campus group or club, but digging deeper into the minds of two FUSE veterans revealed that this community has provided a meaningful and interconnected experience that will last a lifetime. 

FUSE holds tryouts each September and the team consists of dancers ranging from first-years to seniors. Accepted members normally have a background in dance and want to continue to foster that passion alongside like-minded individuals. FUSE implements a schedule in which team members commit to two-hour rehearsal sessions twice a week until their premier showcase at Dancefest each semester.

Senior FUSE captain Sydney Goldberg joined the organization her sophomore year after dancing competitively since the age of six. She is now the sole senior in the group. Goldberg has risen to the challenge by happily stepping into an important leadership role this year as a mentor, performer and choreographer.

“You get to dance with amazing girls and really work together to create something from scratch, which is not something you get to do at a typical dance studio,” Goldberg said. 

For the past 25 years, Dancefest has served as a dance-focused showcase event held each semester in the Colgate Memorial Chapel. The event provides an inclusive and public platform for Colgate’s dance community to display the training and effort they put into their craft throughout the year. With Dancefest being the premier event each semester for FUSE, it is the site of some members’ most significant memories and traditions. Goldberg describes the emotional and personal aspects of the organization and the art of dance itself.

“Before every performance, we have this tradition where we go around in a circle and everyone expresses what the dances personally mean to them. It’s such a beautiful bonding experience for the team,” Goldberg said. “Everyone really opens up and gets super vulnerable, which allows us to connect so much more with each other during the performance.”

Junior Antonia Gialamas came to Colgate as a lifelong dancer and was introduced to FUSE by a friend. She expressed that being a part of FUSE is unlike any experience she has had before Colgate.

“Dancing is so important to me because it’s so personal,” Gialamas said. “I’m so lucky I get to move my body in a way that allows me to reflect and learn about myself, too. Everyone truly wants to be here and wants to work alongside one another and collaborate and share their ideas.”

Despite passion for dance being the catalyst for bringing the members of FUSE together, Gialamas emphasized that the organization fulfills her Colgate experience in more ways than one. Gialamas described the significant sense of community and deep personal relationships that have kept her coming back to the group each year. 

“I love being able to see and dance with the most amazing people twice a week,” Gialamas said. “As much as I love dance, it’s truly my teammates that make me want to keep coming back. The energy is always so fun and positive.” 

Sophomore Talia Holceker spoke highly about her love for FUSE and dance, as well as how the club has acted as an outlet for her passion and a way to make friends.

FUSE is my favorite part of my Colgate experience,” Holceker said, as I have the opportunity to share my passion for dance with my other talented friends. Its a welcoming and vibrant community that brightens my day and allows us to express our love for dance through movement and friendship.

The FUSE Dance Company has established itself as an inclusive facet of the Colgate dance community. The group was created and has been maintained by students who wish to express their lifelong devotion to dance and integrate themselves into the artistic landscape at Colgate.

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