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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

The Colgate Maroon-News

13 Beats: Spring Cleaning

13 Beats: Spring Cleaning

As spring — and the cherished spring break — approaches, you may be considering going through your closet, starting new habits and organizing other aspects of your life as you emerge from the dark and cold winter months. This week’s 13 Beats feature songs to jam to while doing your form of spring cleaning:

1. “Daft Pretty Boys” — Bad Suns (2016)

The production on this rock track makes it perfect for getting motivated to do some dreaded cleaning. “You waste your time on daft pretty boys,” Christo Bowman croons about the girl he’s in love with not being what he expected and always choosing foolish guys.

2. “Mad Men” — Westward the Tide (2017)

“Mad Men” is an anthem for being relieved to leave a person or period in life. The lyrics, like “You don’t know how happy I’ve been since I left you,” exemplify how powerful it can be to leave someone or something behind that is creating madness.

3. “Strawberry Swing” – Coldplay (2008)

“When it’s such, it’s such a perfect day,” Chris Martin sings about the feeling of being content and balanced with a lover. The track’s dreamy vocals and melody create a complementary backdrop to the warmer weather that spring brings.

4. “Cecilia” — Simon & Garfunkel (1970)

“Cecilia” has a classic and whimsical sound, fit to inspire listeners to find motivation in the new season. “Jubilation, she loves me again,” Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel sing about the bliss of a rekindled love.

5. “Sober” — Childish Gambino (2014)

“If you just give me some time, I can open up your mind,” Childish Gambino sings to his lover, trying to convince her that he could help her solve her problems. The synth production makes this track fun to play as the flowers start to bloom.

6. “supercuts” — Jeremy Zucker (2020)

Jeremy Zucker puts his signature sound on this upbeat track about not wanting to break up with his significant other despite their turbulent relationship. The lyrics, like “Wonder if we would be better as friends but we won’t,” show Zucker’s conflicting thoughts on the future of the relationship.

7. “There’s Still a Light In the House” — Valley (2019)

“Swing your conscience, pull the lever,” Rob Laska sings about not being afraid to jump into the next chapter of life. The Canadian pop band’s spunky, upbeat production is perfect for a walk in nice weather.

8. “Beautiful Day” — U2 (2000)

Bono sings about savoring the ability to start new each day. “It was a beautiful day,” Bono repeats, emphasizing the importance of finding the beauty in life no matter what stage you’re in.

9.  “The City” — The 1975 (2013)

“You wanna find love, then you know where the city is,” Matty Healy sings in this ode to teenage exploration. New seasons bring chances to explore new versions of yourself and goals you want to achieve. 

10. “Purple Candy” — New Friends (2022)

“Purple Candy” showcases two people in a dreamy, fantastical love story. The lyrics, like “Can you see it in my eyes, can you feel those butterflies,” illustrate the electric feelings the two people have for each other.

11. “American Girl” — Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (1976)

Tom Petty describes the night he spent with an “American Girl” in this classic rock track. The guitar riffs are sure to make the listener get up and feel energized and excited to take on their spring cleaning.

12. “Silk Chiffon” — MUNA, Phoebe Bridgers (2022)

“Life’s so fun, life’s so fun,” Katie Gavin and Phoebe Bridgers sing in the chorus of this pop rock track. The song details the exciting feelings of falling in love with your person.

13. “Kathleen” — Catfish and the Bottlemen (2014)

This rock track has the perfect drum beat to inspire listeners to get passionate about their goals. The line, “I gotta give it to you, you give me problems,” shows the unhealthy passion the singer’s lover sparks in him.

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