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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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Seniors Unite Over the Love of Cookie Pie

Joanne Kim

The annual cookie pie-eating contest united the senior class for an unforgettable night of suspense and friendly competition on Thursday, Feb. 22. Organized by The Senior Class Giving Committee, the contest also contributed to a charitable cause and all proceeds were donated to financial aid. Seven valiant contestants were given a glass of water, milk and two minutes to consume as much of a cookie pie as possible. 

Senior Arden Knapp, a finalist in the event, shared that competing had been a dream of hers since her first-year. 

“I always knew I was going to compete — I just felt like this was such a classic college event,” Knapp said. “When else are you going to go to a cookie pie-eating competition?”  

However, once she arrived at the venue, Knapp began to experience pre-competition nerves. 

“I started to get really nervous before the competition once I saw how big the cookie pies were,” Knapp said. “I started to get intimidated and my stomach began to hurt thinking about having to eat everything. Although, I was reassured because all my opponents agreed that we were all nervous and were all in it together.”

Throughout the contest, the atmosphere was tense with excitement and animated by cheering. Senior and contestant Nicholas DiCorpo reflected on the effects of this electric environment on his competition mindset.

“The most accurate way I can describe it is a pure adrenaline rush,” DiCorpo said. “Before the contest even began, I felt a weird mix of excitement and nervousness in anticipation. Once the contest started, however, the entire atmosphere became so intense. All I heard were the cheers, applause and screams from all of my friends and others in the audience.”

As the end of the two minutes neared, the audience awaited to see who would be victorious. Surprisingly, seniors Nicholas DiCorpo and Arden Knapp tied in the precise amount of cookie pie they had eaten. The tie was then settled through a cheering contest, determined by which contestant received the loudest, most numerous cheers. Although it was a close call, DiCorpo was ultimately crowned as the winner and Knapp was named first runner-up. 

“The tie breaking moment between Arden and I was electric. Everybody was screaming as loud as possible and there was so much energy in the room,” DiCorpo said. “I will always remember how great the vibes were when deciding who actually won. Shoutout to all of my friends who came and supported me, screaming their hearts out during the tiebreaker.”

As this year’s champion, DiCorpo shared some of his thoughts on his headspace during the two minutes of pure cookie-eating. 

“I’ve never competed in a competition like this, so it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before,” DiCorpo said. “I was in complete auto-pilot mode. I was solely focused on finishing the cookie and trying to swallow it without choking.”

Traditions like these, although comical, help create special moments for seniors, like Victoria Crow, to look back on and provide a united experience for the entire class. 

“It’s such a funny and wholesome activity that reminds us why our moments at Colgate are precious,” Crow said. “It’s for the senior class and run by the senior class.” 

DiCorpo also agreed that this contest will be cherished as a pivotal part of his Colgate experience. 

“The cookie pie-eating contest is a nice send off for our class. It just gives everyone a sense of fun and collaboration while enjoying a lighthearted competition. I will definitely always remember the contest as a core moment for me at Colgate,” DiCorpo said. 

Many seniors in the audience sported home-made t-shirts and posters to show their support for their friends and classmates. Senior Eric Barber reflected on the sense of camaraderie that made the contest so exciting. 

“While I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t just keep going until someone ate the entire thing, I loved seeing so much of our grade come together to proudly cheer on the seven passionate cookie-pie eaters,” Barber said. 

The annual cookie pie-eating contest is a humorous and memorable tradition, giving seniors a moment to laugh, cheer and spend time together as a class before they graduate.

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