CAB Hosts Opportunity for Students To Test Knowledge in Game-Show Setting


Have you ever fantasized of being

featured on “Jeopardy” or “Wheel of Fortune?” Have you ever wondered if you, too, might know whether the price is right or not? Well you might never be able to meet Bob Barker, but on Thursday, February 5, the Colgate Activities Board (CAB) hosted the “Are you Smarter Than a Freshman” event. With the two essential food groups of mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings lining the tables, students waited to test their knowledge and possibly win up to $40 with the help of their friends. 

The CAB hired “Are You Smarter than a Freshman” which travels around the Northeast hosting the game for other schools. Students had to answer ten questions using the help of their fellow “classmates.” The game promoted teamwork and strategy, knowing when to take a calculated risk and when to use your classmates to help you. Even the audience who didn’t participate in the game had the opportunity to win money by collecting raffle tickets. The student playing the game might have to ask the crowd for an answer, and the person that answered got a raffle ticket that went to a $20 prize at the end of the night. 

The moderator for the night encouraged students to have fun and trust themselves in their trivia knowledge. 

Questions ranged from, “What actor played both Indiana Jones and Han Solo?” to “Nick Carter was a member of which boy band?” The competition was fierce, but CAB created a fun and low-stress environment. 

First-year Hayley Arlin from Stamford, Conneticut was the first winner of the night, never even asking for help from her fellow contestants or the audience. After first making it rain over her friend’s MacBook, Arlin then shared what she plans to do with her money. 

“I’m going to save it and put it in the bank!” Arlin said. 

Arlin’s dedication to fiduciary responsibility is almost as inspiring as her stellar performance in the game.

First-year Taylor Washing from Vail, Colorado participated in the event after Arlin. Though Arlin was a tough act to follow, Washing showed her wide breadth of knowledge, answering questions about geography and pop culture. Washing won $20, proving her academic prowess.

“Being up there really tested my self-

confidence and my knowledge of things outside of the classroom,” Washing said. “It was a very welcoming environment. I also realized that I need to play more trivia.” 

When asked what she was going to do with her winnings, Washing said, “I’m going to pay to dance.” 

Sophomore CAB executive Alexa De Alessandrini hopes that events such as these can offer a conducive environment to meet new people. 

“We hope to unite the campus around lots of fun and exciting events and just get people to meet each other outside of classrooms in a setting that gets you out of your comfort zone in an exciting way,” Alessandrini said. 

The next CAB event will be a midterm study break, hosted on March 8, complete with the Colgate Jazz Band, mozzarella sticks and pizza.