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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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The Oldest College Weekly in America. Founded 1868.

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QTPOC Hosts Electrifying Baby Tate Concert

Olivia Miller

American rapper, singer and songwriter Baby Tate took over Parker Commons (the Mat) on Friday, March 1, as she performed for students in an event organized by Colgate University’s Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) student group. Tate’s bubbly personality, dazzling dance moves and remarkable voice hypnotized the crowd.

Tate’s vivacity was infectious. Her flirty ad-libs and compliments to the crowd energized concertgoers, who cheered Tate on with unmatched enthusiasm. The show became a space for students to let loose and have a great time.

Baby Tate is most famous for her song “Hey, Mickey!,” an iconic modern take on Toni Basil’s “Mickey,” which was released in 1981. The single came out in 2016 but went viral on TikTok in 2023. Through this hit and her other songs, including “I Am” featuring Flo Milli, Tate has amassed 4.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Tate’s unique mix of pop, R&B and rap music blend both sides of her character: playful and genuine. She’s talented at songwriting, but she shines most as a performer. At the Mat, she put on a thrilling, provocative and vibrant show.

First-year Grace Zhang admired Tate’s skills on stage.

“She had an amazing stage presence. She had groove [and] knew how to command the stage. She was so assertive, but also very humble,” Zhang said. “Even though it was a relatively small venue, she still treated us with so much enthusiasm, and she gave 110 percent [effort].”

Tate’s chemistry with the crowd only amplified the fun. First-year Erin Johnson agreed that Tate’s charisma complemented the vitality of the audience.

“I loved the energy of the crowd,” Johnson said. “[It] set the tone just right for her because I feel like us being excited for her made her more excited to perform. She had such a commanding presence on stage, and it was great seeing that.”

First-year Leo Li was equally impressed with the performance.

“I haven’t been to a lot of concerts, but it was good — really good,” Li said.

QTPOC worked hard to bring this event to life, and Tate’s performance left the crowd speechless and screaming at the same time. Junior Yeraldi Delos Santos, president of QTPOC, alongside other members of the community, dedicated many hours to making the event possible.

“Planning an event like this takes a lot of dedication and perseverance, especially when faced with challenges like denied proposals and securing funds. This event has been nearly two years in the making, as our proposal was denied two times before, [but] we finally got a ‘yes,’” Delos Santos said. “The most difficult part was securing the funds and confirming that the artist wanted to and was able to come to Colgate. We knew we wanted to center queer, POC representation, so bringing an artist with that identity was important to us.”

The concert was intended to make queer students of color feel more represented and at home in the Colgate community.

“It was made to allow queer students — specifically queer students of color — feel seen and represented,” Delos Santos said. “This visibility enables the queer people of Colgate to strengthen their sense of home and community, which is so important when we consider, first, the heteronormative culture at Colgate and, second, the fact that most queer people on campus are not native to Hamilton.”

QTPOC remains a crucial part of the Colgate community and the group aims to prioritize fostering a sense of inclusivity and joy on campus in planning upcoming events.

“We want to continue centering queer POC joy on campus. We want to continue to organize events that cater to different interests within the queer POC community. By doing so, QTPOC is fostering a sense of solidarity and community while also addressing broader social justice issues,” Delos Santos said.

The collaboration between QTPOC and performer Baby Tate was a highlight of the semester for many. The event highlighted QTPOC’s continued dedication to Colgate students and showcased their strides toward improving the overall culture on campus.

“Overall, the future plans for QTPOC promise to continue making a positive impact on campus culture and promoting a more inclusive environment for all students,” Delos Santos said.

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